Month: August 2015

Eats Health Pregnancy

Dos and don’ts of pregnancy nutrition
What you need to know

Congratulations, you’re pregnant, and you’re providing nutrients for someone else!  Kind of changes your perspective on food, right?  There are a million pieces of advice out there on what you can and cannot eat, and it can definitely be overwhelming!  So, to get some clarity on what you need to know about pregnancy nutrition,  we… Continue reading

Favorite Finds

Etsy love

Current mood:  Indigo Obsessed with the following art pieces we found on Etsy.  Be sure to check out their shops to show them some love! 1.  Baby Girl birth announcement by inhauspress 2.  Dark blue silk dress by Lennyfashion 3.  Vintage illustration wallpaper by anewalldecor 4.  Concrete Icosahedron Planter and Sculpture by Pasinga 5.  Knitted badger head taxidermy by… Continue reading