Month: September 2015

From Bump to Baby Sabina's Life

The 3 essentials to making it through 5 months of pregnancy-induced bedrest

5 months.  20 weeks.  150-ish days.  However you say it, it’s a long time! 4 months into my pregnancy with my first child, Kai, I started having contractions and went into preterm labor.  “Preterm labor occurs when regular contractions begin to open your cervix before 37 weeks of pregnancy. A full-term pregnancy should last about… Continue reading

BLANQI Girl Pregnancy Ways To Wear

BLANQI Girl // Brenda Bird

Brenda Bird // Graphic Designer + Lifestyle Blogger // Seattle, WA “…just as the countdown number is decreasing, my discomfort with a plump belly, flattened bladder and insomnia filled days/nights are only increasing….What helps you ask? Not much takes all that mumbo jumbo away, but Benadryl helps a bit with insomnia and this tank from… Continue reading

BLANQI Girl From Bump to Baby

Emily’s triplet journey – life with 3 newborns!

This is Emily’s story.  Beautiful mother of four, wife, entrepreneur, photographer, and writer of Zee + three .  We previously asked her to share some of her experiences to shed some light on her multiple pregnancy, and now life with newborn triplets, Daniel, Summer, and Taylor!   xx Sabina & Valerie Would you mind telling us a… Continue reading