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October 2015

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Valerie’s top 5 tips for a healthy pregnancy

Having gone through 3 previous pregnancies, I have learned a thing or two about my body, the changes it goes through, and my needs during this amazing transformation.  Although the list could be much longer, I just wanted to share with you my 5 tips for a healthy pregnancy – what my essential needs where.

1 – WATER! I have a history of pre-term labor, so staying hydrated is important to keep contractions at a minimum and electrolytes from getting too depleated. With a busy schedule, it’s easy to think we are drinking more water than we really are, so I started using the simple app, Daily Water, to help monitor it better!


2 – IRON: Most pre-natal vitamins contain about 30mg, which covers the 27mg needed during pregnancy. But for those of us who sometimes forget to take them on a daily basis (it happens!) or can’t keep them down, we can start feeling our energy zapped. If the thought of meat makes your naseaus, try eating iron rich foods (like fortified cereals) with Vitamin-C rich foods (like orange juice and strawberries). The combination increases absorption while still being easy on queasy, morning sickness stomachs.

3 – WORKOUTS: Sticking to a fitness regiment is hard enough when not pregnant, so sometimes it can be a struggle to fit it into your daily life when you feel so exhausted. When your energy comes back in the 2nd trimester, use that time to fit in workouts. Simple stretches help your body prepare for labor, cardio sessions will keep your weight on track and as your due date approaches, long walks will encourage that baby to make it’s arrival!


4 – STRESS: Be honest with the expectations you place on yourself. I try so often to keep up the high intensity pace of my life, but that is just not possible during pregnancy. So on days when my body is telling me to slow down, it can be hard to sometimes really listen. I started writing out lists of what I hoped to accomplish each day and each week. Written out, it’s much easier to see if I’m being realistic or not, and checking off items on my to-do list gives me a sense of accomplishment.

5 – STYLE: There is seriously a moment during pregnancy when suddenly you go to put your clothes on and nothing fits. Everything feels uncomfortable and no longer looks flattering on. That’s when I start living in my BLANQI Belly Support Tanktop and Belly Lift & Support Leggings. I can throw them on in the morning and not have to worry about  (they have superior stretch and recovery to wear through all 3 trimesters) and the built-in support belt keeps me active throughout the day.

And there you have it! ( and as always, you should consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise, supplementation or medication program).  What are some of your top tips for a healthy pregnancy?  Share with us – we love to hear and learn from other mamas out there!

xx Valerie


BLANQI Baby Bumps, BLANQI girl

BLANQI girl of the week

Sydney of Zack & Sydney

photo 3

“I don’t think I have ever been in such a good mood this entire pregnancy until I put these clothes on. Clothes that fit your body right make a huge difference. I was so bored of maxi skirts and sweat pants that when I received the package from BLANQI I immediately put the clothes on.

photo 1

Zack even said “let’s do something for dinner tonight” and he was shocked when I agreed to going out to dinner. I have been so uncomfortable and annoyed with my wardrobe choice that getting cute and going out hasn’t seemed that fun nor easy. Tonight I wore my BLANQI maternity leggings out to dinner with some boots and a giant sweater and I felt so comfortable! I felt like I was wearing pajamas. I was in such a good mood. These leggings are miracle workers…who knew maternity leggings could be so comfy and breathable!!!”

photo 2

Be sure to stop by Sydney’s blog to check out her and beautiful family!


Before Pregnancy, During and Forever After

16 ways to wear a maternity support tank


Oh, the looks you can create!  Before BLANQI, ‘maternity support’ was something that sounded a little creepy, looked even scarier (think Velcro and plastic), and was often only suggested to high-risk pregnant women as an option. But WE needed the help with the aches and pains of pregnancy. What we wanted was something that could smooth and secure the added weight gain in a way that was wearable, could be worn out in public, supported the belly so our backs and belly stopped aching from the added weight, and versatile enough that we didn’t have to invest in a huge new maternity wardrobe that we would only wear for 9 months. So we created what has become our signature Bodystyler® Belly Support line – As it turns out, we were not the only pregnant gals craving some extra support.  Check out these amazingly adorable, fashionable BLANQI girls and the ways they wear their BLANQI maternity support tank.

Irina 2 jpeg

Irina Bond of Bond Girl Glam on her maternity must-have:  “The Blanqi Support Tanks are my saving grace; I have one in black and in white. I always reach for them over any other maternity tank I own, because frankly, they make me look and feel good. They’re made out of one seamless piece of fabric, and the support ribbing is pretty high-tech. It gently helps support your back and bump as you grow.”


Emily of Zee + Three (when pregnant with triplets):  “I lived inBlanqi gear my entire pregnancy!”

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Gaelyn of My Corner View:  “As a petite lady, I was never able to make a belly band work. Sure they would cover the fact that my pants were unbuttoned or unzipped but they did absolutely nothing to keep my pants up! I’m 29 weeks at this point and thanks to the Blanqi tank, I only recently had to break out some of my maternity jeans. This gives me so much more flexibility with my wardrobe and best of all keeps me feeling like my sassy self, not a frumpy pregnant lady.”

athomewithnatalie-37 weeks

Natalie of At Home with Natalie:  “I wore my size medium throughout my pregnancy.  It’s amazing the support it gives your bump and how it helps smooth you out.  Now that I’m at the end of my pregnancy, sometimes I just  wear this and pajama pants around the house lol. It’s a must have for your pregnancy wardrobe.”

Gaelyn_Jenkins -Look1-6

Gaelyn Jenkins

Kilee of One Little Momma (and cofounder of @nickelandsuede (check out their lightweight leather earrings- perfect for us gals holding babies with grabby hands) looking our kinda cool while wearing her BLANQI Bodystyler Belly Support Tanktop in Winter White.




Brenda of – and store – From Me With Love :  “…just as the countdown number is decreasing, my discomfort with a plump belly, flattened bladder and insomnia filled days/nights are only increasing….What helps you ask? Not much takes all that mumbo jumbo away, but Benadryl helps a bit with insomnia and this tank from Blanqi alleviates most of that lower back and lower abdominal discomfort.”

Carmen of Carmen The Modern Mom:  “Very excited to be using Blanqi this pregnancy!!”


Kilee of ONE little MOMMA on wearing dresses during pregnancy:  “The one secret that I have learned is a must with a fitted dress while you are or aren’t pregnant is that wearing a shaping tank or slip underneath is essential.  Once I started wearing a BLANQI tank under my dresses, I felt some much more confident in them. It just smooths everything out and hides the lines of my undergarments. I’m considering buying a second one because they are also great to wear under fitted tees.”

Image: Kilee / One Little Momma


Ananda of Super Fashionable:  My black maternity top is from Blanqi and it has honestly been such a life saver during my pregnancy and especially towards the end of it.   This top is stretchy in all the right places and it’s just long enough so I can wear it with leggings or jeans without showing my belly and still feeling comfortable – because trust me, those awesome tops you love now won’t cover your entire belly after a while.

Laura of A Little Bit of Lacquer:  “I’ve been loving this BLANQI support tank the last few weeks! I paired it with real maternity pants here, but usually I wear it with my non-maternity jeans unbuttoned – it holds them up better than the belly bands I was using earlier in the pregnancy! It also lifts up my belly (which is such a relief when I’m walking as baby girl has this belly hanging lower and lower each day). On top of all that, it wraps under my bra letting me wear whatever cut shirt I want and giving the girls an extra lift! Bonus: N thinks it’s sexy. I can’t say the same for the belly bands hahaha! I’m in love and truly think this tank has made these last few weeks a little bit easier. ”

Irina of Bond Girl Glam definitely puts the glam in maternity.  She pairs her BLANQI support tank with denim and snake print, and tops it off with a neutral vest and bag.  She’s one fashionable mama!

Our BLANQI gal from Tuesday Wise goes a little bit country, a little bit rock n roll, with a touch of bohemian – baby bump supported by her BLANQI underbust support tank in deepest black.

Our beautiful and super talented friend Anna of In Honor of Design and her sweet little one showing off how to do the mom-and-me style the right way!  Love the monochromatic look she creates with graphics and stripes.  She layers her look with the BLANQI underbust support tank in deepest black.  For more maternity style, be sure to check out her amazing blog – you’ll find yourself reading the whole thing! 😉

blanqi-12 (1)

Sarah Sweeney layers her BLANQI underbust support tank in pale nude with our Motherhood is My Muse tee.

Photo from blanqigirls

Last but not least, Carmen of Carmen The Modern Mom pairs her tank with a full skirt and denim.  Carmen pulls of pregnancy chic like no other!  Love the BLANQI underbust tank paired with a full skirt and denim – this is what fashion with function is supposed to look like.  No more hiding, no more covering up your bulky support!


xx Sabina & Valerie


Decor inspiration – succulents & cacti

We can’t get enough of these magnificent plants – We’re total succulent nerds.

Succulent vs. Cactus – do you know the difference?

A quick botany lesson:  nearly all cacti are succulents but not all succulents are cacti.  Confused?  Yeah, me too 😉


“In botany, succulent plants, also known as succulents or sometimes fat plants, are plants having some parts that are more than normally thickened and fleshy, usually to retain water in arid climates or soil conditions. The word “succulent” comes from the Latin word sucus, meaning juice, or sap.[1] Succulent plants may store water in various structures, such as leaves and stems.” (wikipedia)

So, that is basically the reason I have yet to kill my succulents – they are thriving in their arid living room conditions 😉



Want to learn even more?  Check out this amazing graphic of wholesale florist Mayesh’s succulent varieties, made by Sweet Pea Floral Design 


mayesh succulents guide two

Mayesh Succulent varieties-2

Mayesh succulents guide 3




So do yourself a favor – throw out those brown-leaved house plants and get yourself a few of these beauties!

xx Sabina & Valerie