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Before Pregnancy, During and Forever After

Working Out While Pregnant – 10 Dos and Don’ts Before Hitting the Pavement

So you’ve got a bun in the oven and are wondering about working out while pregnant. You can still keep in shape by running during your pregnancy … even if it’s a different shape!

First, let’s take a minute to talk about the perks of a fit pregnancy. Not only does it make you feel better and help you gear up for labor, it brings a raft of other benefits as well, such as:

  • Lower risk of gestational diabetes
  • Stronger core, helpful in speeding up labor
  • More energy
  • Reduced back pain and constipation
  • A healthier baby

Having said that, there are still a few factors you need to take into consideration before hitting the pavement. Below, we’ll talk five DOS and five DON’TS when it comes to an active pregnancy. That way, you can feel your best and keep your growing babe hearty without compromising your health or safety. Let’s do this.



  1. Consult Your Doctor

As with everything else in pregnancy, you should consult your doctor, midwife or health provider. They’ll be able to tell you whether an exercise is safe not only for pregnant women in general, but for your pregnancy in particular. There may be special risk factors associated with your baby, and you should always take those into account before starting or continuing an exercise regimen.

Note that even if your doctor tells you that you can do something such as run, that doesn’t necessarily make it a good idea. If something is painful, uncomfortable, unpleasant or simply doesn’t feel right, stop right away until you’ve seen your medical provider.

  1. Get Proper Nutrition

It’s crucial that you get proper nutrition while working out, because exercise can be especially depleting during pregnancy. This means eating healthy, well-rounded meals and taking prenatal vitamins to supplement your diet. Always eat plenty of protein right after you run, as well as an hour or two before you work out.

  1. Support Your Body with Supportwear

Never forget to wear supportive shoes when running; your feet are dealing with enough right now. Also, wear a support tank that keeps your growing belly and breasts in place. Check out the BLANQI Maternity Belly Support Tanktop which offers tons of support, and was suggested by Women’s Running as a great replacement to uncomfortable, chafing support belts made of Velcro and plastic. It’s patented built-in support eases the pains and strains of pregnancy, so totally worth the investment- you’ll wear it everyday.


  1. Stay Hydrated

Getting enough water is crucial in pregnancy, because the baby uses so much. Dehydration can lead to poor outcomes for you and the little one, including neural tube defects, premature pregnancy and low breast milk production later. Keep your system and the baby’s amniotic sac flushed by drinking lots of H2O.

  1. Pick a Flat Surface

Running on uneven surfaces increases your chance of a fall, which can hurt both you and the baby. Instead, choose flat surfaces such as tracks, sidewalks or gravel trails. Alternatively, you can choose low-impact alternatives such as water running (which studies have shown to be better for people with compromised joints or fast-paced walking.



  1. Don’t Start Running While Pregnant If You Didn’t Run Before

It’s very, very important that you don’t start running during pregnancy if you weren’t a runner before. Pregnancy brings many changes in your body, including a loosening of joints due to the hormone relaxin, and vigorous exercise to which you are unaccustomed can do more harm than good. Therefore, this is not the time to start a new regimen or train for that marathon you always dreamed of. That doesn’t mean you can’t do it ever; just don’t do it now.

  1. Don’t Try to Set a New Record

Like the above tip emphasizes, this isn’t the time to try something new or hit your most intense goals. Although it’s always important to listen to your body and avoid pushing yourself too hard – which can lead to injury – this is especially important in pregnancy. Your body already has to adjust to new demands on muscles, joints and bones in the form of extra weight. Don’t add extra impact as well.

You can, however, push yourself in other, safer ways. If you’re still craving movement, go for longer walks. If you want to engage in intense cardio more often, try high-intensity interval training (HIIT) on an elliptical. This allows you to get your sweat on without harming your joints. Again, though, get a doctor’s approval before jumping on.


  1. Don’t Ignore the Warning Signs

If anything seems wrong, that could mean it is, so don’t ignore it. Vaginal bleeding, dizziness, headaches or chest pains shouldn’t be taken lightly. Instead, stop immediately and consult your healthcare provider. Do not begin any form of exercise again until you have been cleared by your doctor, midwife or other provider, because it might not be safe for you or the baby.

  1. Don’t Overheat

Getting too hot can lead to neural tube defects, which can in turn result in major birth defects. Avoid this by staying hydrated and staying out of the sun on hot summer days. Exercise gently, so that you don’t get too hot, and take cool showers afterwards.


  1. Don’t Be Hard On Yourself!

The last and most important tip is don’t be too hard on yourself. Remember that you’re growing a life and that’s a really tough, demanding, important job. It is, moreover, a job that doesn’t last very long, so it’s worth doing it right while it’s happening. The best way to avoid beating yourself up is to refuse to focus on what you used to be able to do, and instead focus on what you can do now. Atta girl.

Running while pregnant is a great way to stay in shape and ensure you and your baby are the healthiest you can be. Just make sure that you’re prepared for the load you’re putting on your body, and you’ll be fine. Ready … set … go!



Check out the complete range of BLANQI Supportwear styles with built-in support for a fit pregnancy!

BLANQI girl, BLANQI girl Gallery

BLANQI girl // Amy Engelsman

We are loving this free-spirit, modern mama of soon-to-be three, a cat, a dog, and chickens – does it get any cuter?!

“Being 8 months pregnant is not exactly comfortable.  But this BLANQI support tank is a game changer!!!  I’m going to live in it for the next 33 days…I wish I would have had it sooner…it’s the best!”  See more of Amy and her adorable family on Instagram – amyengelsman


Amy wears our BLANQI Maternity Support Tank in winter white.





All images by Amy Engelsman

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Pregnant during the summer // my maternity style


There is something about being pregnant in the summer that evokes sympathy from total strangers. This time last year I was pregnant with our 4th baby, Lillian Giselle, due August 15th. Many people would say, “Oh, you must be so hot!” and, “How are you surviving being so huge in this heat?” When pregnant with our first three babes, I had avoided being the hugest while it was the hottest. But this time, I was pregnant during the summer, having an August baby, and I had to figure out a summer maternity style. There comes a point when the heat wins.

That is when I let my BLANQI Belly Support Tanktop go it alone.

Slipped on over my favorite bra and non-maternity skirts or shorts, I felt fresh and sleek. The cooling effect of BLANQI’s moisture-wicking finish works wonders. In the early weeks, I would wear the skirt waistband above my small bump. As weeks went by, I would wear the skirt waistband underneath it. I like to look pregnant, so I love that BLANQI defined my bump and gave me a flattering silhouette. Because the tanktop is opaque, there was no need to cover it up or layer over it. It really could go it alone.

I prefer to wear non-maternity styles I already own in my closet, so the support tanktop worked really well. I could keep wearing my pre-pregnancy skinny jeans and favorite ripped denim shorts with the BLANQI Belly Support Tanktop. The bottom band is designed to secure unbuttoned like a bellyband. It just made things easier to not have to worry about what to wear everyday as my belly grew.


Here I am with my husband and kids, less than 2 weeks before Lily arrived. Clearly I had entered the “very pregnant” stage! I still can’t believe this was a year ago this week and my belly was that big! I was squeezing myself into maxi dresses since they were just about the only thing that still fit. With lower summer necklines, I needed a support tank that wasn’t visible.

That’s when I opted for the Underbust Belly Support Tank.

I preferred to wear this style in nude underneath my dresses like a slip. The underbust style stayed hidden under my v-neck and scooped summer necklines. Even my most clingy and stretchy maxi dresses flowed freely. My Underbust Belly Support Tank smoothed everything out, including my popped bellybutton, and stayed in place when chasing after my three little beach babes.

Having a summer baby ended up being easier than expected. I drank a lot of water, put my feet up as often as I could, and wore my BLANQI’s day- and night!

xx, Valerie



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#motherhoodismymuse // motherhood quotes to kick off your week with.

Sometimes we need a witty motherhood quote…or two…or twenty! The thing about mom life in the summer is that the routine is not the routine. Late night sunsets make for later than first-negotiated-kid-bedtimes.

We pair that with playdates, pool trips and holiday weekends mixed into busy work weeks (all moms are ‘working moms’ , so that includes all the WAHM, SAHM, WM, etc…allllll the acronyms.), makes for some exhausted mamas.

It’s that sweaty season of motherhood where dirty hair, leggings like these, and real life is happening. Where we cry because we are so tired of sassy toddler mouths, and then cry because we realize that our time mothering is flying by and we don’t want to miss a minute.  We cry because the house never seems to stay clean, and then cry because the weight of the world feels heavy on our shoulders as we raise these little people with sticky popsicle stained fingers. We cry because the baby won’t sleep, and then cry because our baby is no longer a baby.

But, sometimes we need a good cry- and a good laugh!

We rounded up some of our favorite motherhood-life-parenting quotes from our Instagram and Facebook  to share with you to help kick off your week! We are obsessed with every motivational, inspirational and relatable quote out there, because this is our life!! Here’s to cry-laughing today!

xx, Valerie & Sabina


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