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6 BLANQI Approved Ways to Live in Leggings ∞

The holidays are HERE! When you already have a million things to do, getting dressed can feel like a chore. To help inspire your vibe, we’re rounding up our the best BLANQI Girl style. Check out looks from Kristina B, Sophia Johnson of Cultivate Motherhood, Made Over By Mandy, Anna Dille Cobbs and Lindsay White.


Mandy of Made Over By Mandy in BLANQI Highwaist Support Leggings and a classic YSL cross body

We’re on board with Mandy‘s all rosegold everything approach to secure support style while living in BLANQI Highwaist Support Leggings. Shop our Black Friday event now to stock up on her style at 50% off before anyone else!

That mama-to-be-glow though on Lindsay White of lot801 in BLANQI Maternity Support Leggings

That mama-to-be-glow though on Lindsay White of lot801 in BLANQI Maternity Support Leggings

Lindsay is counting the days until the newest addition is here! BLANQI Maternity Support Leggings are perfectly balanced, breathable fabric – not too thick and not too thin, keeping mama-to-be in cool comfort.  Seamless for a smooth and fashionable fit and all with our patented built-in belly lift and support band. Unsure of your size? We’ve got you covered with our handy sizing guide.

Life is good when you're carefree like Kristina B. Security guaranteed in BLANQI Highwaist Support Leggings

Life is good when you’re carefree like Kristina B. Security guaranteed in BLANQI Highwaist Support Leggings

Stay cool, dry, and comfortable. High-performance yarns put in the work for you, wicking away moisture! 💦


It’s holiday party season and Anna Dille Cobbs demonstrates how to style your BLANQI Highwaist Support Leggings for the occasion

Anna is chic-of-the-week. Take her cue and start with your tried-and-true BLANQI Highwaist Support leggings and layer pastel picks with feminine details for maximum impact.



Rebecca Swiss knows a thing or two about support style in BLANQI

Rebecca is a BLANQI girl through and through. Her Instagram is one of our fave’s. Give her a follow and she’ll inspire on the daily.


If you look up BLANQI girl style in the dictionary, you’ll find Sophia Johnson of Cultivate Motherhood.

Steal her BLANQI Support Style in our Black Friday Pre-Access sale, on now!

A thoughtful vignette at the home of Shop Buru's Morgan and Brett Hutchinson
BLANQI Baby Bumps, BLANQI girl, Decor

It’s Buru Season 🍾

A magical evening with BLANQI and Shop Buru 

BLANQI Co-Founders Valerie and Sabina share a moment with Shop Buru's Morgan Hutchinson

BLANQI Co-Founders Valerie Darragh and Sabina Melarti share a moment with Shop Buru‘s Morgan Hutchinson

There was a slight chill in the air and a distinct feeling of fall in Salt Lake City. Our chic and gracious (and very pregnant!) host for the evening, Morgan Hutchinson and her family welcomed the BLANQI crew into their newly and fabulously remodeled tudor home nestled amongst the trees is a quaint and charming SLC neighborhood.

The Hutchinson Crew: Olive, Brett Morgan beneath an art piece acquired while living in Shanghai

The Hutchinson Crew: Olive, Brett and Morgan beneath an art piece acquired while living in Shanghai

The Hutchinson home is a perfect mix of collected art and candy colored objects that give a distinct sense of luxury and humor. Guests sipped champagne and shared laughs while receiving a tour of the newly face-lifted tudor that expertly showcases Morgan’s background and passion for design.

Picture perfect details

Picture perfect details

The vibe was right and the details were perfect, of course. The cocktail party seemed as the perfect kick-off for the holiday soiree season.

The gracious host and guests

The gracious host and guests

A special thank you to the Hutchinson family for hosting BLANQI for an enchanting evening and a special congratulations to the newsest addition to the family, Baby Schafer! xox Team BLANQI

Photos by Brit Nicole

Before Pregnancy, During and Forever After, BLANQI Baby Bumps, BLANQI girl Gallery, Ways To Wear

9 BLANQI Girl-Approved Ways to Style Highwaist and Maternity Support Leggings

We forever inspired by how you’re styling your BLANQI leggings on Instagram, so we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite looks from the likes of @mommy.diary, @blackwhiteandbrunette, @irinabond, @whatlolalikes, @bahlbabies, and @athomewithnatalie.

"This fall I'm especially loving this highwaist support leggings from @blanqigirls that keeps my postpartum tummy tight. Pair this with my current favorite #MotherhoodIsMyMuse tee." - Angela Kim,

Angela Kim,

“This fall I’m especially loving these highwaist support leggings from BLANQI that keeps my postpartum tummy tight. Pair this with my current favorite #MotherhoodIsMyMuse tee.” – Angela Kim,

Maddie of Black, White and Brunette keeps it chill and casual in BLANQI Maternity Support Leggings and monochrome Nike's.

Maddie, @blackwhiteandbrunette

Maddie of Black, White and Brunette keeps it chill and casual in BLANQI Maternity Support Leggings and monochrome Nike’s.

Irina Bond starts with a secure foundation in BLANQI Highwaist Support Leggings, paired with a classic denim jacket and the ultimate little black Chanel bag.

Lola knows a thing about Instagram walls and ultimate support in our BLANQI Maternity Support Leggings paired with our Maternity Belly Support Tank.

A classic moto jacket makes a statement when paired with BLANQI Maternity Support Leggings and statement shades.

BLANQI original

A classic moto jacket makes a statement when paired with BLANQI Maternity Support Leggings and statement shades.

Elexis Lyn

Elexis Lyn, @bahlbabies

Elexis Lyn stays all smiles in BLANQI Highwaist Support Leggings and her best accessory, her little one.


BLANQI original

Comfort is Queen when you’re going from workout to playdate and everywhere in between. Stay strong and secure in BLANQI Maternity Support Leggings and a pair of bright white kicks.

Natalie keeps it classic in an oversized oxford, BLANQI Highwaist Support Leggings, and a classic cap-toe ballet flat.


BLANQI Baby Bumps, Valerie's Life

From my “There’s a bun in the oven” to my personal fave, “I need a BLANQI!” // Pregnancy announcement inspo for the mama-to-be.

When I was pregnant with my first born 10 years ago this month, there wasn’t really a way to “announce” being pregnant more than just saying it out loud, “Whoo hooo, whoahhhh, aahhhh… I’m pregnant!” With it being my first, and a bit of a surprise, I slowly eased into announcing my pregnancy to family and friends when the time came that I needed to clarify that my growing bump was a baby, and not a burrito. Now four baby announcements later, each one has had it’s own style and tone, that in a way, reflects the emotions and season of motherhood I’ve been in behind the news.

1. Jude was this amazing blessing that changed the entire course of my life, i.e. my pregnancy inspired BLANQI, but tears and fears pretty much summed up my 1st trimester. With 50% of pregnancies being ‘unplanned’, I know I can’t be alone in this situation, which is why I feel I have to be honest and share that reality. Not every pregnancy gets a ‘perfect’ pregnancy announcement, but the end result is what really matters, and my baby-now-nine year old was totally worth the struggle. So if an elaborate pregnancy announcement doesn’t interest you or you don’t have the emotional energy for it, no big deal, you’ll still be blessed with a beautiful baby- with or without a special announcement.

2. Nico was announced on Facebook with the classic black and white ultrasound photo. BLANQI had just launched and I had a super active 3 year old to keep up with. There was just no time for fancy anything. Ultrasound photos or videos are simple, easy, gets the point across and never goes out of style- which is especially great for when morning sickness has already set in and the last thing you want to do is peruse Pinterest for more ‘creative’ ideas. 

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 12.32.42 PM

3. I found out I was pregnant with #3 Violette around Mother’s Day weekend that year. I announced it on Instagram and posted a photo of me wearing a BLANQI and showing the positive pregnancy test in a pink and blue box and said something like, “I need a BLANQI!!!” This makes me laugh now, as it kinda grosses me out- the whole peeing on a stick, like who really wants to see that, really?! But, it’s still a legit way to announce it and I won’t judge you if you do it too.

4. The fourth baby has you all like, crazy. So crazy me had all this self-inflicted pressure to do this one super cute and witty. I knew this babe was going to get more comments in the announcement post like “don’t you know how that happens” and “whoa..four…”, so I wanted to be sure to share how excited my family was for this new baby! I wore our BLANQI Belly Support Tanktop in Winter White, took my kiddos to Ikea for storage bins and had my sister snap a couple photos of the 3 kiddos and me eating their yummy cinnamon rolls on our way back to our car in the parking lot, and boom…pregnancy announcement posted with “There’s another bun in the oven” ..cute, cute, cute.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 12.33.18 PM

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 12.33.35 PM

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 12.33.53 PM


So there’s mine, what’s yours??

If you need some creative ideas, here are some of our favorite pregnancy announcements that have been shared with us at BLANQI!

BLANQI + BABY BOY!! // Of course I’m partial, but I really think wearing a BLANQI is the best way to announce a pregnancy. During the weeks we typically share the news is also when we can feel huge, swollen, sick and tired, not always photo ready. I find our maternity support tanks help make a barely there bump look more pronounced, making the rest of the ‘bumps’ more smoothed out.  BLANQI girl Mekelle Ahlin wore a BLANQI Belly Support Tanktop in Deepest Black when she announced her baby boy news! Love! Love! Love!



BALLOONS + BABIES!!  // This winning combination has taken baby announcements by storm, with no end in sight. It’s cute and chic, and I love how my real-life sister Natalie of At Home With Natalie incorporated her hubby and kids to be part of it. I think there was some deflating going on with some of the letters, but they pulled it off. Can’t imagine life without baby Asher now that he’s here!! (all 21lbs at 5 months of him! Chunky monkey.)




BLANQI + BABYBUMPS!!! // What better way to announce your pregnant than by saying you just bought a BLANQI!? This had us pretty smitten for both mama and new baby!

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 12.48.26 PM


FIT PREGNANCY! // For the fit mama wearing our supportwear, what better than announcing it with a photo from your gym? Christina runs a cross fit studio nearby our office and has amazingly fit pregnancies (who swore by her BLANQI Underbust Belly Support Tank in Winter White) She is such an inspirational and beautiful mom inside and out, that we hope for many more weights lined up in a row for her.

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 1.49.08 PM


BLANQI FAMILY! // We are a young company, with a creative, smart, talented team that put their all into BLANQI to help support all women through motherhood. So it’s extremely exciting when the pregnancy announcement comes from one of our very own, like Jessen Schulman!!! Yea!! She leads BLANQI Customer Care, blogs at, is married to a police officer, has a beautiful little girl named Gianna, and you may have seen her in our supportwear videos here. She has a great family that she and her husband gathered up to share the news with! There is nothing like the reactions of family and friends to share in the energy and excitement that having a baby can have!!! I can literally hear the squeals and laughter in these photos!! (Jessen is on the far right holding Gianna wearing her Belly Support Tanktop in Winter White)





There are soooo many creative and inspiring baby announcements that you can do no wrong!

We would love to see your pregnancy announcements! If it’s your first or your fifth, every baby bump- and after baby body- can use some BLANQI support! Come follow us on Instagram @BLANQIgirls, tag #motherhoodismymuse in your photos, and let us welcome you to the BLANQI world!

xx, Valerie


BLANQI Baby Bumps, BLANQI girl Gallery

“Blanqi helped me find my confidence” // adapting to the pregnant body

Lauren Hartmann is a wife, mama of 2, soon-to-be 3, stylist and blogger living in Portland, Oregon.  She is the author of the blog The Little Things We Doand frequently contributes to .  Although she’s been through two previous pregnancies, this one has shaken her confidence.  As she puts it, “things are certainly more squishy and stretched now, and while I know it comes with the territory, it’s still sometimes difficult adapting to a rapidly changing pregnant body.”  


Pretty much all I’ve wanted to wear this time around has been maternity jeans and super loose tops to hide rather than accentuate my growing belly. For some reason I just hadn’t felt very cute or comfortable in my own skin this time around.

Thankfully Blanqi saved the day with some of their new products that made me feel so cute that I finally let my friend document my growing belly this past weekend. It only took 23 weeks, but Blanqi helped me find my confidence.

I actually wore Blanqi toward the end of my last pregnancy as well (the maternity underbust support tank) and really loved it (the support is seriously INSANE – so good!), but wanted to try something different this time and went with their belly support tanktop and belly support leggings. Can you tell I like my belly to be well supported? Ha! I love the support that both give individually, but wearing both the leggings and the tank together is like magic for a tired belly. I wore this after a full two days on my feet – shopping for props and then styling for a photo shoot. My belly and back were so sore and aching and I was about to fly home which means lots of walking around airports. This pants/tank combo seriously saved me! Also I fully intend to wear Blanqi leggings forever now (they have non-maternity high waist ones too!) because they are so soft and comfy and FLATTERING. Praise Jesus! The material and the perfectly placed seams smooth out all those little lumps and bumps and lift everything just the right amount.



I’m also rocking a t-shirt from their new graphic tee line and I am in love with it. I love the empowering phrase “MOTHERHOOD IS MY MUSE” because this is what motherhood truly means to me.

Be sure to stop by Lauren’s blog and check her out on Instagram



BLANQI Baby Bumps, BLANQI girl Gallery

BLANQI girl gallery // the importance of pregnancy support

Keila of Mommy in Milwaukee on BLANQI – I pretty much wear this tank multiple times a week!…It has become an essential for me and it’s worth its weight in gold.”



“Now that I’m expecting our third little one I’ve realized that there are staples that every mommy-to-be needs in their wardrobe.  I didn’t realize what a huge difference it makes to have the right support during pregnancy until I used it. I always figured it was more important postpartum, however, when I ordered my first pair of Blanqi leggings I realized how much more comfortable I felt with the right amount of support. So when the ladies over at Blanqi generously sent me a maternity tank I was so excited to use and style it!



Love Keila’s maternity style and beautiful smile!  Be sure to stop by her blog for more!

Before Pregnancy, During and Forever After, BLANQI Baby Bumps

10 Ways to wear a BLANQI maternity underbust support tank

From Sabina & Valerie – “Before BLANQI, ‘maternity support’ was something that sounded a little creepy, looked even scarier (think Velcro and plastic), and was often only suggested to high-risk pregnant women as an option. But WE needed the help with the aches and pains of pregnancy. What we wanted was something that could smooth and secure the added weight gain in a way that was wearable, could be worn out in public, supported the belly so our backs and belly stopped aching from the added weight, and versatile enough that we didn’t have to invest in a huge new maternity wardrobe that we would only wear for 9 months. So we created what has become our signature Bodystyler® Belly Support line – As it turns out, we were not the only pregnant gals craving some extra support.”  Check out these 10 ways to wear BLANQI maternity underbust support tank –


Katie of Loves of Life – “This sucker has a built in support band that helps my back issues significantly. I used this while we traveled the coast and walked all those miles, and I truly think it’s one of the reasons I survived. You can even use the tank to hide un-buttoned pants…The tank top grows with you, for sure, but keeps your belly looking cute and round. The moisture-wicking fabric makes it a great addition to your workout gear, along with that support to keep your back in check, it’s a winning gym combo. On the backside there’s even x-shaped back anchors that lift and support the extra pregnancy pounds, lessening the stress on your back.”


Anna of In Honor of Design looking festival chic with her white underbust support tank.


Gaelyn Jenkins of My Corner View – “the secret is my Blanqi support tank that works 500 million times better than a belly band, so even at 30 weeks I can still wear non maternity.



Anna of In Honor of Design


Laura from A Little Bit of Lacquer – “I’ve been loving this BLANQI support tank the last few weeks! I paired it with real maternity pants here, but usually I wear it with my non-maternity jeans unbuttoned – it holds them up better than the belly bands I was using earlier in the pregnancy! It also lifts up my belly (which is such a relief when I’m walking as baby girl has this belly hanging lower and lower each day). On top of all that, it wraps under my bra letting me wear whatever cut shirt I want and giving the girls an extra lift! Bonus: N thinks it’s sexy. I can’t say the same for the belly bands hahaha! I’m in love and truly think this tank has made these last few weeks a little bit easier.”


Brittany of The Lily Field “I own two Blanqi maternity under-bust belly support tanks. I just don’t do “pregnant” without one. Makes me feel all smooth and supported. It’s like a party for my body!!! I mean very seriously, wearing my Blanqi reminds me that I am still ME – that I can still look and feel great even if things are getting larger than life around here! Can’t say enough good things.
Tell all the pregnant, post-partum mommas!”


Sparkling Footsteps – “The best support tank that you will want to wear under everything you own. Seriously, the best.”

Gaelyn_Jenkins -Look1-4

Gaelyn of My Corner View with her little one.


Anna of In Honor of Design

xx Sabina & Valerie

BLANQI Baby Bumps, Valerie's Life

Valerie’s top 5 tips for a healthy pregnancy

Having gone through 3 previous pregnancies, I have learned a thing or two about my body, the changes it goes through, and my needs during this amazing transformation.  Although the list could be much longer, I just wanted to share with you my 5 tips for a healthy pregnancy – what my essential needs where.

1 – WATER! I have a history of pre-term labor, so staying hydrated is important to keep contractions at a minimum and electrolytes from getting too depleated. With a busy schedule, it’s easy to think we are drinking more water than we really are, so I started using the simple app, Daily Water, to help monitor it better!


2 – IRON: Most pre-natal vitamins contain about 30mg, which covers the 27mg needed during pregnancy. But for those of us who sometimes forget to take them on a daily basis (it happens!) or can’t keep them down, we can start feeling our energy zapped. If the thought of meat makes your naseaus, try eating iron rich foods (like fortified cereals) with Vitamin-C rich foods (like orange juice and strawberries). The combination increases absorption while still being easy on queasy, morning sickness stomachs.

3 – WORKOUTS: Sticking to a fitness regiment is hard enough when not pregnant, so sometimes it can be a struggle to fit it into your daily life when you feel so exhausted. When your energy comes back in the 2nd trimester, use that time to fit in workouts. Simple stretches help your body prepare for labor, cardio sessions will keep your weight on track and as your due date approaches, long walks will encourage that baby to make it’s arrival!


4 – STRESS: Be honest with the expectations you place on yourself. I try so often to keep up the high intensity pace of my life, but that is just not possible during pregnancy. So on days when my body is telling me to slow down, it can be hard to sometimes really listen. I started writing out lists of what I hoped to accomplish each day and each week. Written out, it’s much easier to see if I’m being realistic or not, and checking off items on my to-do list gives me a sense of accomplishment.

5 – STYLE: There is seriously a moment during pregnancy when suddenly you go to put your clothes on and nothing fits. Everything feels uncomfortable and no longer looks flattering on. That’s when I start living in my BLANQI Belly Support Tanktop and Belly Lift & Support Leggings. I can throw them on in the morning and not have to worry about  (they have superior stretch and recovery to wear through all 3 trimesters) and the built-in support belt keeps me active throughout the day.

And there you have it! ( and as always, you should consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise, supplementation or medication program).  What are some of your top tips for a healthy pregnancy?  Share with us – we love to hear and learn from other mamas out there!

xx Valerie


BLANQI Baby Bumps, BLANQI girl

BLANQI girl of the week

Sydney of Zack & Sydney

photo 3

“I don’t think I have ever been in such a good mood this entire pregnancy until I put these clothes on. Clothes that fit your body right make a huge difference. I was so bored of maxi skirts and sweat pants that when I received the package from BLANQI I immediately put the clothes on.

photo 1

Zack even said “let’s do something for dinner tonight” and he was shocked when I agreed to going out to dinner. I have been so uncomfortable and annoyed with my wardrobe choice that getting cute and going out hasn’t seemed that fun nor easy. Tonight I wore my BLANQI maternity leggings out to dinner with some boots and a giant sweater and I felt so comfortable! I felt like I was wearing pajamas. I was in such a good mood. These leggings are miracle workers…who knew maternity leggings could be so comfy and breathable!!!”

photo 2

Be sure to stop by Sydney’s blog to check out her and beautiful family!


BLANQI Baby Bumps, Sabina's Life

The 3 essentials to making it through 5 months of pregnancy-induced bedrest

5 months.  20 weeks.  150-ish days.  However you say it, it’s a long time!

4 months into my pregnancy with my first child, Kai, I started having contractions and went into preterm labor.  “Preterm labor occurs when regular contractions begin to open your cervix before 37 weeks of pregnancy. A full-term pregnancy should last about 40 weeks. If preterm labor can’t be stopped, your baby will be born early. ” (WebMd.)  Needless to say, I was rushed to the hospital where they were thankfully able to stop the contractions and the labor.  I was subsequently placed on strict bedrest.  Yep, STRICT bedrest for the remainder of my pregnancy.  That meant only getting up to use the bathroom…for five months.  I will discuss the controversy regarding bedrest in a later post – all I knew at that time is that it had been ordered, so that’s what I was doing.  What I want to share with you right now is how I survived pregnancy bedrest without driving myself insane! 🙂  For me, it came down to 3 essentials –


 1. Smile.  Be optimistic and don’t feel sorry for yourself –  I told myself that it was for the baby’s good, and that it was not a time for thinking “if only I could”.  Knowing that it was for the sake of the baby, and not, say, a broken leg, completely removed any frustration.  It’s amazing how your state of mind shapes your reality.  In fact, according to studies done by positive psychology researcher Suzanne Segerstrom, “Optimism is an individual difference variable that reflects the extent to which people hold generalized favorable expectancies for their future. Higher levels of optimism have been related prospectively to better subjective well-being in times of adversity or difficulty.”  Dr. Segerstrom wrote that when faced with uncontrollable stressors, optimists tend to react by building “existential resources” — for example, by looking for something good to come out of the situation or using the event to grow as a person in a positive way.”

Not feeling very optimistic?  According to Licensed Master Level Psychologist Here are a few ways to help change that:

           a.  Reprogram thinking:  Reprogramming thinking can help us develop an optimistic outlook where we expect positive things to happen, and feel confident and positive about how we can manage our current situation.

b.  Create a healthy support system:  Our support systems can also offer more pleasant moments and positive experiences. Having kind and caring people in our life can help us feel grateful for what others offer, and give us a chance to do something kind for them.

c.  Thinking creatively – There are always more solutions to a problem than appears on the surface. Sometimes we must use creative problem solving in order to make change happen. Creativity also helps us think bigger and expand our view of what’s possible.


2.  Learn.  While it was tempting to catch up on all of my favorite series and those reality shows we won’t mention here ( which I totally did, by the way), I made sure to balance every bit of entertainment with something educational.  It could be a documentary on HBO, mastering photoshop skills, reading history books etc..  It was a terrible feeling to look up at the clock and realize the whole day had gone by to the tune of the Kardashians (eek!), so I quickly alternated the mind-numbing shows with things of value – those that I felt I left with something, some sort of accomplishment – it made me feel much more useful and satisfied, and as though I was utilizing my time doing something of worth.  “Your mind may be the closest thing to the Holy Grail of longevity and happiness. Education has been widely documented by researchers as the single variable tied most directly to improved health and longevity. And when people are intensely engaged in doing and learning new things, their well-being and happiness can blossom.”  Philip Moeller for U.S. News


3.  Create.  With so many hours in the day, you definitely need to give your eyes some rest from the tv, computer, and books.  I loved painting and crafting and preparing things for Kai’s nursery.  All those pinterest DIY boards you collect but never actually do?  Well, there’s plenty of time for it now 🙂  I used a breakfast-in-bed tray as the actual surface onto which I laid out whatever I was making, and had a rolling file cabinet as my supply station.  I painted all sorts of cute little wooden animals for the nursery, and I even did some needlepoint!  It doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated – just something to keep your mind busy, and ultimately, happy.  In fact, “Positive emotions and creativity make us feel interested in the world around us. The ability to be fascinated and allow ourselves to explore and discover makes us feel open and alive. It’s also what draws us to learn new skills, perspectives, and ideas—resources that we can draw on to solve life’s problems. This boosts our resilience and our satisfaction with life—both part of the equation for overall happiness.” (This Emotional Life,


 Additionally, according to an article published in US News & World Report, “in terms of happiness, a close companion of learning is the degree of engagement people have with tasks that provide them knowledge and fulfillment. People who are intensely absorbed in a task can lose track of time and place. Hours pass like minutes. They may be tired by the task but emerge energized and happy. This condition is known as “flow,” a name coined 30 years ago by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

So there you have it – Optimism, learning, and creativity.  Those five months were still trying at times, but went by surprisingly quickly.  Even better?  The little bundle of joy at the end of the bedrest tunnel!

Share your stories with us below!  How did you stay busy during bedrest?

xx Sabina