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6 BLANQI Approved Ways to Live in Leggings ∞

The holidays are HERE! When you already have a million things to do, getting dressed can feel like a chore. To help inspire your vibe, we’re rounding up our the best BLANQI Girl style. Check out looks from Kristina B, Sophia Johnson of Cultivate Motherhood, Made Over By Mandy, Anna Dille Cobbs and Lindsay White.


Mandy of Made Over By Mandy in BLANQI Highwaist Support Leggings and a classic YSL cross body

We’re on board with Mandy‘s all rosegold everything approach to secure support style while living in BLANQI Highwaist Support Leggings. Shop our Black Friday event now to stock up on her style at 50% off before anyone else!

That mama-to-be-glow though on Lindsay White of lot801 in BLANQI Maternity Support Leggings

That mama-to-be-glow though on Lindsay White of lot801 in BLANQI Maternity Support Leggings

Lindsay is counting the days until the newest addition is here! BLANQI Maternity Support Leggings are perfectly balanced, breathable fabric – not too thick and not too thin, keeping mama-to-be in cool comfort.  Seamless for a smooth and fashionable fit and all with our patented built-in belly lift and support band. Unsure of your size? We’ve got you covered with our handy sizing guide.

Life is good when you're carefree like Kristina B. Security guaranteed in BLANQI Highwaist Support Leggings

Life is good when you’re carefree like Kristina B. Security guaranteed in BLANQI Highwaist Support Leggings

Stay cool, dry, and comfortable. High-performance yarns put in the work for you, wicking away moisture! 💦


It’s holiday party season and Anna Dille Cobbs demonstrates how to style your BLANQI Highwaist Support Leggings for the occasion

Anna is chic-of-the-week. Take her cue and start with your tried-and-true BLANQI Highwaist Support leggings and layer pastel picks with feminine details for maximum impact.



Rebecca Swiss knows a thing or two about support style in BLANQI

Rebecca is a BLANQI girl through and through. Her Instagram is one of our fave’s. Give her a follow and she’ll inspire on the daily.


If you look up BLANQI girl style in the dictionary, you’ll find Sophia Johnson of Cultivate Motherhood.

Steal her BLANQI Support Style in our Black Friday Pre-Access sale, on now!

A thoughtful vignette at the home of Shop Buru's Morgan and Brett Hutchinson
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It’s Buru Season 🍾

A magical evening with BLANQI and Shop Buru 

BLANQI Co-Founders Valerie and Sabina share a moment with Shop Buru's Morgan Hutchinson

BLANQI Co-Founders Valerie Darragh and Sabina Melarti share a moment with Shop Buru‘s Morgan Hutchinson

There was a slight chill in the air and a distinct feeling of fall in Salt Lake City. Our chic and gracious (and very pregnant!) host for the evening, Morgan Hutchinson and her family welcomed the BLANQI crew into their newly and fabulously remodeled tudor home nestled amongst the trees is a quaint and charming SLC neighborhood.

The Hutchinson Crew: Olive, Brett Morgan beneath an art piece acquired while living in Shanghai

The Hutchinson Crew: Olive, Brett and Morgan beneath an art piece acquired while living in Shanghai

The Hutchinson home is a perfect mix of collected art and candy colored objects that give a distinct sense of luxury and humor. Guests sipped champagne and shared laughs while receiving a tour of the newly face-lifted tudor that expertly showcases Morgan’s background and passion for design.

Picture perfect details

Picture perfect details

The vibe was right and the details were perfect, of course. The cocktail party seemed as the perfect kick-off for the holiday soiree season.

The gracious host and guests

The gracious host and guests

A special thank you to the Hutchinson family for hosting BLANQI for an enchanting evening and a special congratulations to the newsest addition to the family, Baby Schafer! xox Team BLANQI

Photos by Brit Nicole

Melissa Cole of Ella Brooks Blog is a BLANQI Girl on the daily
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The Ella Brooks Factor 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

That effortless thing. Melissa Cole stays supported in our Highwaist Support Legggings.

That effortless thing. Melissa Cole stays supported in our Highwaist Support Legggings.

We’re all about fall. 🍂 Melissa Cole of Ella Brooks Blog stays cozy and confident on the daily in our BLANQI Highwaist Support Leggings layered with the perfect white tank and a little lace detail.

“I came across BLANQI leggings when I was pregnant and they became my saving grace.”


Baby Jude steals the show and BLANQI Highwaist Support Leggings stay no-show!

Baby Jude steals the show and BLANQI Highwaist Support Leggings stay no-show!

Her babe, Jude is cleary her best accessory (that smile, though!). He keeps her on the move and our highwaist support keeps her cool under pressure.

“I ended up with at least two or three pairs and wore them basically everyday during and after my pregnancy.”

Secure comfort from all angles. Steal her style before anyone else in our Annual Black Friday Pre-Access Sale!

Secure comfort from all angles. Never see-through and never out of style, our premium yarns make all the difference.



BLANQI girl, BLANQI girl Gallery

BLANQI girl // Amy Engelsman

We are loving this free-spirit, modern mama of soon-to-be three, a cat, a dog, and chickens – does it get any cuter?!

“Being 8 months pregnant is not exactly comfortable.  But this BLANQI support tank is a game changer!!!  I’m going to live in it for the next 33 days…I wish I would have had it sooner…it’s the best!”  See more of Amy and her adorable family on Instagram – amyengelsman


Amy wears our BLANQI Maternity Support Tank in winter white.





All images by Amy Engelsman

Before Pregnancy, During and Forever After, BLANQI girl

Lynzy – Postpartum Attitude & Juggling Motherhood as a Working Mom

“Nothing in this world could have prepared me for postpartum life. There are thousands of books, articles, and classes that try to prepare you, but experiencing it is the only way to truly know. I remember thinking SO many times, ‘WHY didn’t someone tell me about THIS?!’ The truth is, you’re sometimes better off finding out about some things as they happen, so that you aren’t anxious about every little detail. However, I have found that having a great “post-partum attitude” really helped me when we were pregnant with my second child.

Best-postpartum-leggings-7- blanqi

While pregnant with our first, I worried about absolutely everything. When it came time that my water broke, I was in sheer panic. How was I going to give BIRTH right now? I really questioned my ability and 18 hours of labor and 4.5 hours of pushing later, our first baby was born. I thought that part was difficult, but the healing aspect of birth was almost equivalent. For our second baby, I knew I had to have a different attitude going into it. I was much more relaxed and I planned less. I wanted to go with the flow for this birth. I wanted to listen to what my baby was telling me. This birth was so much shorter and a breeze compared to the first. Birth is hard no matter what, but your attitude will change everything. My post-partum experience was amazing. I was able to enjoy our baby and really indulge in the moments that mattered most, like her first smile and her first giggle.


Your attitude is everything. Mentally preparing yourself for the birth and the post-partum period is important. Make sure you have a support system in place for once your baby arrives, so that you can take time for yourself. Take a warm bubble bath, take a long nap uninterrupted, or just go for a long walk to clear your mind. You need to take time for YOU. Having a baby is the most selfless thing a woman can do, but make sure that you never forget to take care of yourself as well. You will be a better mother because of it. I promise you.


There are a few things that I have used during the post-partum period that really helped me gain my confidence back. My BLANQI leggings are one of these. These leggings are by far, the most comfortable, most flattering pants you can wear after having a baby. Their high waist band makes sure to pull everything back in and I love that the material compresses you in all the right places. I wear them pretty much every day (if you peek at my IG, you will see them… A LOT, but SHHH, don’t tell anyone).


Being a busy working mom as a Physician Assistant in the ER, it’s important to have a pair of leggings that are easy to throw on and look presentable when I am at home with the kids. As far as the work/life balance? There is no secret to balancing life at home with the kids and also working outside of the home in a demanding job. The secret is to handle one day at a time and always have a positive attitude. Your attitude changes everything. For me, getting out and going to work gives me significant self-worth and a chance for me to put all those college years to good use. I really enjoy my job and I really love being able to help heal people. So at the end of the day, do what works for you and your family. You will get into the swing of things and it will be glorious.”


Lynzy is a mother of two and the author behind the blog Sparkling Footseps, “… a little place on the inter webs that focuses on motherhood. Everything from personal style and the latest in kids fashion to breastfeeding tips.”  Be sure to stop by her blog to read more about her life as a working mama trying to juggle it all!

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BLANQI girl – Ella Brooks

Melissa is mom to Ella and Brooks, author of the life & style blog ellabrooks, and expecting baby number three.


On her BLANQI maternity support leggings 👉 “Don’t be fooled guys… Most days I’m rocking sweats and slippers👌😁 & to all of my fellow preggo ladies- if there is a pair of leggings you absolutely need- these are them! Sooooooo comfy!” 💗💗 #gamechanger #supportwear #maternity #leggingsforlife



Images – Melissa Cole

Before Pregnancy, During and Forever After, BLANQI girl, Ways To Wear

7 ways to wear // BLANQI maternity support

We love seeing all these different ways to wear our BLANQI maternity support!  We always wanted to create something that was not only supportive, beautiful and high-quality, but pieces that were versatile – pieces that once you made the investment, you could wear everyday if you wanted to – dress them up, dress them down, go to yoga then slip on some boots for lunch with the girlfriends.  All the while being lifted, supported, and held in.  There’s nothing worse than splurging on that beautiful top you’ve been eyeing for the past 2 months, only to be able to wear it on special occasions.  You end up with a closet full of pretty, once-in-a-blue-moon kind of clothes.  That’s not what we need.  We need pieces that work for us, over and over again!  Keila of Mommy in the City shows how she wears her maternity support 7 different ways:

BLANQI maternity pregnancy support mommy in milwaukee

BLANQI maternity pregnancy support mommy in milwaukee

“Since having our second son Cristian my abdominal area was affected the most. I found it very hard finding support that I didn’t feel was suffocating and restricting to my range of motion postpartum. When I became pregnant with our baby girl my abdominal muscles were still tightening and I wanted something that would help smooth out my growing bump and allow me enough comfort to feel confident in my clothes.

BLANQI maternity pregnancy support mommy in milwaukee

BLANQI maternity pregnancy support mommy in milwaukee

BLANQI maternity support pregnancy mommy in milwaukee

When I received my Blanqi support tank I knew I had exactly what I needed. It provided the smoothening aspect I craved while my bump continues to grow and it gives me the added back support I find I need more of now that I’m running after my two toddlers!”

BLANQI maternity support Mommy in milwaukee


Weeks pregnant –

Wearing – BLANQI maternity High Performance Belly Lift and Support leggings

BLANQI girl, BLANQI girl Gallery

BLANQI girl of the week // Shannon

Congratulations Shannon!  The gorgeous gal behind Itsy Bitsy Indulgences just brought home tiny new addition to the family, and is living in her Highwaist Support leggings to keep up with the demands of postpartum life:

Untitled 4 (1)

“Just like I had to adapt to my changing body during pregnancy, I realized I would need to adapt to it post-delivery as well. Enter these BlANQI leggings. They are literally the most comfortable pair I own, with the perfect amount of stretch and amazingly soft material. They accommodate to my post-pregnancy body, but I also plan on simply rolling down the belly band once my stomach no longer needs the extra stretch. I’ve ben wearing them non-stop since returning home from the hospital and decided to share the three ways I have been styling them lately!”

Untitled 5

Untitled 2

Untitled 3

Untitled 4 (2)


We’d love to see how you all are styling your BLANQIs!  Share with us and we’ll be sure to add you to our BLANQI girl gallery!  xx Sabina & Valerie

Images:  Shannon Pulsifier

BLANQI girl, BLANQI girl Gallery

BLANQI girl of the week // Karla Reed

Karla Reed – stylist, treasure hunter, mother…an incredibly sweet mama-to-be for a second time around.  We love they way she mixes her BLANQI pieces with her non-maternity fashion finds.  Her thoughts on BLANQI supportwear?  “I only wish I would’ve been wearing these all along! 


“Don’t be fooled by some of my straight on pictures…this bump is REAL. And I’m as big at 8 months as I was full term with my other two. When @blanqigirls reached out to me to try some of their maternity shape wear I was beyond excited. I’ve been following them and their journey to make amazing, well made, supportive shape wear for pregnant mommas since I was pregnant with Charlotte! And their pieces did not disappoint! I’ve literally been living in their black leggings and tank top. It’s become my second skin. They are not only comfortable but they give my belly and back so much support… For those pregnant or soon to be pregnant mommas out there I would highly recommend looking into these. It’s absolutely worth investing in your comfort and support especially in the last few months!”


“Last night I spent 45 minutes trying on every dress in my closet trying to figure out what to wear to church today. Of course nothing fit. Why did I even bother?? I finally came to the realization that my black pencil skirt (or leggings) and @blanqigirls tank is my uniform for the next 3 weeks until the end. And I’m totally ok with that :)”


“…you have to think of these as support wear…like investing in a really good bra. You will wear them everyday. I’m not kidding! If you break it down to cost per wear we should be spending the most on items like this (bras, jeans, leather shoes, ect). These are very well made and will last you your pregnancy.”

Karla, with her firstborn Charlotte, anxiously awaiting Santa and the newest addition to the family 🙂  For more style advice and beautiful photos , be sure to check out Karla’s instagram, @karlareed 

Before Pregnancy, During and Forever After, BLANQI girl

BLanqi girl of the week // katie

Our BLANQI girl of the week is the lovely Katie, mama and author of the blog Loves of Life.  She has two little ones with a third one on the way, a yorkie with an underbite, and a husband named Declan.  They recently made the move from Pennsylvania to San Diego, and she documents her new life through her blog.

BLANQI girl Katie maternity support tank support leggings 1

“My body responds to pregnancy like a grandma. My back aches because when my entire core is not strong, I’m a hot mess in that department…When I discovered the maternity supportwear at Blanqi I am pretty sure I did a little happy dance. Their stuff looked amazing, people raved about it, and I was dying to get my hands on some Belly Support Leggings…This sucker has a built in support band that helps my back issues significantly. I used this while we traveled the coast and walked all those miles, and I truly think it’s one of the reasons I survived”

BLANQI girl Katie maternity support tank support leggings 2

Be sure to stop by this adorable mama’s blog!

xx Sabina & Valerie

Image:  Katie Balla