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A thoughtful vignette at the home of Shop Buru's Morgan and Brett Hutchinson
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It’s Buru Season 🍾

A magical evening with BLANQI and Shop Buru 

BLANQI Co-Founders Valerie and Sabina share a moment with Shop Buru's Morgan Hutchinson

BLANQI Co-Founders Valerie Darragh and Sabina Melarti share a moment with Shop Buru‘s Morgan Hutchinson

There was a slight chill in the air and a distinct feeling of fall in Salt Lake City. Our chic and gracious (and very pregnant!) host for the evening, Morgan Hutchinson and her family welcomed the BLANQI crew into their newly and fabulously remodeled tudor home nestled amongst the trees is a quaint and charming SLC neighborhood.

The Hutchinson Crew: Olive, Brett Morgan beneath an art piece acquired while living in Shanghai

The Hutchinson Crew: Olive, Brett and Morgan beneath an art piece acquired while living in Shanghai

The Hutchinson home is a perfect mix of collected art and candy colored objects that give a distinct sense of luxury and humor. Guests sipped champagne and shared laughs while receiving a tour of the newly face-lifted tudor that expertly showcases Morgan’s background and passion for design.

Picture perfect details

Picture perfect details

The vibe was right and the details were perfect, of course. The cocktail party seemed as the perfect kick-off for the holiday soiree season.

The gracious host and guests

The gracious host and guests

A special thank you to the Hutchinson family for hosting BLANQI for an enchanting evening and a special congratulations to the newsest addition to the family, Baby Schafer! xox Team BLANQI

Photos by Brit Nicole

sister room decor inspiration
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How to ‘baby proof’ a toddler bedroom for a three’nager.

When I think of baby proofing, I always thought of it as covering the outlets, making sure no hard corners were exposed and picking up every tiny Lego and Playmobil piece was picked up for the baby stage.

But what about for a toddler bedroom, or more appropriately a three’nager?


My three’nager Violette, with her enthusiasm for creative play and spontaneous ideas, has created an entirely new level of parenting panic for me.
For starters, after the fourth night in a row of being woken up around 3am by the thud of Violette falling out of her toddler bed, I knew it was time for a change. But, I wasn’t ready to make the investment of two twin beds from here that I’ve been eying, since Lily is still at least a year or more away from being out of her Ouef crib and I’m not sure Violette could handle the added height yet either. I didn’t want to trade one fall for another, higher fall.
So for the time being, I borrowed my sister Natalie’s extra Queen mattress and set it up simply on the floor. While not the most chic, and definitely brought back punk rock memories of my first apartment in Philly haha, it’s practical and functional for now.

By placing it horizontal, it made it more like a toddler sized King bed- and I love that I can lay down next to her at bedtime to read books, even letting Lily crawl around on us.

Then there are windows,

Remember the scene from the sound of music where the kids are swinging from the trees, you know that one? My kids would be the type to recreate that scene if I used anything but spring loaded curtain rods. These are my go-to for toddler rooms. They make it so anytime they start playing and pulling on the curtains, they fall down. Can be annoying to have to put them back up all the time, sure, but it’s worth the hassle to have peace of mind that I’m lowering the risk of them hurting themselves.

Violette inherited my obsession with rearranging decor, so she is constantly touching and moving whatever I put up on her wall. Rather than fearing her artwork getting taped and push pinned randomly into the wall, I found some inexpensive ways to give her just the right amount of control to decorate her space. Target always has the cutest wooden clothespins in the dollar bins up in the front of the store painted in cute colors.
I’m sure you could take it a step further and DIY those yourself, but I’m a bit too impatient for that, haha. I use them to secure the educational alphabet cards from Anthropology just strung across with yarn, from my knitwear design days. The frames are the kind that hold canvases, since those give a perfect little space to hold hanging artwork.

Scroll down for the Before and After. Not much had to change but the bed, for now. (Saving up for those West Elm beauties!)

xx Valerie

Obsessed all books in our house, but especially with Solly Baby’s children’s book about baby wearing. The cutest.


This Gathre leather playmat in mint gets dragged by my various children from room to room. Currently it is on my family room flow being used as a wrestling mat by my adventurous boys. Quite the change from the girls’s ballet moves. 🙂

  Pottery Barn does not disappoint. Santa brought the unicorn this year, because what little girl does not need a riding unicorn?? The play kitchen is an older version of what they retail now, a lucky find off Craigslist for Violette’s 3rd birthday.  

And here is the After with the toddler bed replaced with a big girl bed.



Decor inspiration – succulents & cacti

We can’t get enough of these magnificent plants – We’re total succulent nerds.

Succulent vs. Cactus – do you know the difference?

A quick botany lesson:  nearly all cacti are succulents but not all succulents are cacti.  Confused?  Yeah, me too 😉


“In botany, succulent plants, also known as succulents or sometimes fat plants, are plants having some parts that are more than normally thickened and fleshy, usually to retain water in arid climates or soil conditions. The word “succulent” comes from the Latin word sucus, meaning juice, or sap.[1] Succulent plants may store water in various structures, such as leaves and stems.” (wikipedia)

So, that is basically the reason I have yet to kill my succulents – they are thriving in their arid living room conditions 😉



Want to learn even more?  Check out this amazing graphic of wholesale florist Mayesh’s succulent varieties, made by Sweet Pea Floral Design 


mayesh succulents guide two

Mayesh Succulent varieties-2

Mayesh succulents guide 3




So do yourself a favor – throw out those brown-leaved house plants and get yourself a few of these beauties!

xx Sabina & Valerie



Chic IKEA hacks

As a Swede, I’m a born and bred IKEA groupie, and have been surrounded by the Scandinavian empire’s design since birth.  Though I certainly appreciate IKEA’s original style and designs, sometimes a little hack is needed to spruce up the pieces!  I love these modern and chic IKEA hacks that turn an understated piece into a design statement without breaking the bank. Now go get inspired! 😉

ikea hack

Fake the reclaimed look and restore the state of your wallet with this Scandinavian cabin-chic headboard

Stikwood headboard by Sugar & Cloth


Beaturiful Tarva dresser revamp by Sarah of  Smitten Studio


Leave a statement at the door with this DIY monogrammed door mat by Kristy Murphy


Turn an otherwise unassuming board into a conversation piece with this Copper LACK shelving hack – by IKEA

diy cage light sconce_edited-2

Does it get anymore industrial-cool than this?  Cage light sconce hack by Nalle’s House


The only thing missing from this picture is you, Don Draper, and an Old Fashioned. Midcentury modern Expedit hack by ikeahackers


Bedtime story?  Find refuge from the lego-strewn floor minefield with this amazingly cozy and cool IKEA bench seat hack by ish & chi

Got any good IKEA hacks?  Share with us below!

xx Sabina & Valerie


Kids and nursery decor inspiration

I love internet “window shopping”, especially for the little ones.  I’ve been obsessing with interior design as of late, and wanted to share some of my all-time favorites ( I lean slightly toward the animal themes, ha! )  My whole life is pretty monochromatic, except for when it comes to my kids Kai and Sienna, whose rooms are bright and cheery, filled with color.  Having said that, there’s a part of me itching to do a neutral overhaul, incorporating soft and natural wood pieces mixed with sharp black and white contrast.


1 – DEAR BABY DUVET – Adorable baby duvet – who wouldn’t want to fall asleep to this sweet face?  By super cool Danish brand By Nord

2 – POLAR BEAR POSTER  – Be sure to check out the very talented designer and illustrator Anna Grape’s other beautiful prints as well.  Love!

3 – MONO CAT – “Mono Cat loves mint humbugs, and likes crossing Zebra Crossings.”  Originally from Scotland, designer Donna Wilson now has a studio in London where she creates her treasures.  Other than receiving my praises ;), she also won Designer of the Year’ at Elle Decoration’s British Design Awards in 2010.  She makes a variety of beautiful pieces for women, kids, and the home, and is one not to be missed!

4 – BUNNY CHAIR – Project by Kateřina Zemánková – hopefully a reality in the future!

ROCKID – Rocking chair by Dutch designers Tineke Beunders and Nathan Wierink, the pair behind Ontwerpduo.  They write:  “Rockid is a cradle for the baby, for Mom or Dad it’s a rocking chair. Together and at the same time each with their own space. As the parent rocks, so does the child, effortlessly and with all comforts. While one sleeps, the other can dream. Thus, Rockid creates a contemporary way to foster a bond as old as humanity.”  Perhaps one of the smartest creations I’ve seen!!

I will keep you posted on the overhaul! 😉  xx Sabina