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This is me – and my (eventual) journey to motherhood

So, this clock of mine has started ticking…Its sound is very faint, and far off in the distance.I do seem to hear its tick tock more clearly when I receive a birth announcement in the mail, or when I scroll down my newsfeed and see five more of my friends announce to the world, “We’re expecting!  The biology behind all this just seems so messed up.  I’m just not ready to make a baby!!  As I inch closer to my 30’s all of these new kinds of unprompted questions have started to circle around my head… I mean, I know I can’t be the only one feeling this cloud of weird, invisible pressure… Or am I? Am I crazy? Have I lost my miiiiind!? I’m just not ready!!! Kids are in the future, but there is no rush for me. (I am aware you first need a man to grow a baby, and I’m in no rush to land one of those either 😉 ) I look forward to my eventual journey to motherhood. Eventually – I’ll elaborate on that later.


In the meantime, I’m just a single girl, living on her own in manhattan, trying to accomplish my dreams one day at a time.
Call me cliche, but what they say is really true “if you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere.” BUT, Don’t mistake this for some ‘Sex and the City’ spin-off. Manhattan is almost nothing like Carrie describes it. It’s a little more magical, a lot less clean, and I take public transportation because I can’t afford to take a cab everywhere all the time. Come on, Carrie’s salary as a writer living in Manhattan must have been in the six-figure range to be able to afford her kind of lifestyle. I guess 100$ was worth more out here in those days… Whenever I can afford a pair of Manolos, not use the subway, and still be able to afford the rent on a place like hers, I’ll finally say, “I made it” (That, and I’m not running around after any boys nowadays – The only thing I’m probably running after is a margarita – it’s summer, okay?! 🙂 )

I’m a makeup artist by day, and a professional multitool when I’m not at my day job. I absolutely love what I do, and I have been very lucky in being able to share that passion with others. I live to encourage women and people from all walks of life to believe in themselves and I have an amazing outlet in which I’ve been able to do so. With hard work and perseverance anything is possible!

(I really am this cheery in person)

Like most of us I’m just trying to figure it all out, but I’m sure that’s mostly because I dream big…
I still think that I have a chance of getting into the space program.

I’d love to have you join me in my ‘ultimate (eventual) quest’ into motherhood!
Hey! Maybe I’ll teach you how to perfectly execute a smokey eye too 😉

xx Odelle


Introducing Odelle!
Perspective from a 20-something single girl in the big city

Meet Odelle:  Just shy of 5’ tall, born-and-raised Puerto Rican firecracker, loud and sweet, with more enthusiasm and eagerness than a labrador puppy.  She’s a single girl in the city, trying to accomplish her dreams one day at a time.  She’s going to share her journey, as she tackles life and takes on questions like “Should I freeze my eggs? Which new brunch spot opened up downtown? What is a cord blood bank? Bloody mary or mimosas?”.  Follow along, find out what it’s like to be a pre-pregnancy BLANQI girl, and most of all, enjoy! 🙂




– I live, in what I like to call my very own “treehouse” in New York City!

– I love manhattan. (I hate manhattan.)

– I have a weird obsession with miniatures, and things that are shaped like food.

– I love to sing, but I have the WORST stage fright!!

(I may or may not have the whole “Cats” soundtrack memorized…)

– One of my dreams is to open up a bakery someday, and to also own the farm that supplies it.

– I am obsessed with space. Like, “I-will-stay-up-all-night-thinking-about-space” obsessed. I made my parents take me to Cape Canaveral for my birthday (two years in a row).

– Two words: “Call Mom”

– One of my guilty pleasures is to go to Laduree in the Upper East Side and buy a box of French macarons. Then, take a walk to Central Park, and eat the whole box while people watching.

– When I was a kid, I would spend most of my weekends at my aunt and uncles beach house in Dorado, PR. We would spend hours swimming over reefs in crystal blue water, exploring caves by the ocean. I literally know that the best way to nap is on a hammock by the sea, I spent half my childhood doing it. I am so blessed to have a family that has taught me to culture my imagination.

– Sometimes I tend to communicate better in photos…

– Aaand last but not least!

BLANQI and its cofounders have had my heart from day one.

They have taught me so much, and most importantly, they have let me be who I am and have celebrated it in the process.

Valerie and Sabina are my family. Seeing all of their hard work, along with the mission behind BLANQI has not been just an inspiring one but a driving force behind a lot of what I do.

I am so excited to share this journey!