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The pregnant mom? The breastfeeding mom? // What “type” of BLANQI mom are you?

If you’re like me, you’ve seen the different quiz’s on social media like, “What type of mom are you?” which helps you figure out if you’re more of a granola-hippie mom or the hot-mess-mom, haha. While I’m not sure how accurate they really are, I will say that I think of myself as more of… Continue reading

BLANQI Girl Postpartum Ways To Wear

Lynzy – Postpartum Attitude & Juggling Motherhood as a Working Mom

“Nothing in this world could have prepared me for postpartum life. There are thousands of books, articles, and classes that try to prepare you, but experiencing it is the only way to truly know. I remember thinking SO many times, ‘WHY didn’t someone tell me about THIS?!’ The truth is, you’re sometimes better off finding… Continue reading

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12 Ways to wear highwaist support leggings

Say hello to our coveted highwaist support leggings, here for your cool weather styling needs. Perfect from studio to play date, gym to dinner date. We’ve all heard of nursing tanks, but make breastfeeding even easier on yourself with these must-haves. We designed them to smooth and conceal a postpartum belly, allowing you to comfortably wear… Continue reading