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Melissa Cole of Ella Brooks Blog is a BLANQI Girl on the daily
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The Ella Brooks Factor 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

That effortless thing. Melissa Cole stays supported in our Highwaist Support Legggings.

That effortless thing. Melissa Cole stays supported in our Highwaist Support Legggings.

We’re all about fall. 🍂 Melissa Cole of Ella Brooks Blog stays cozy and confident on the daily in our BLANQI Highwaist Support Leggings layered with the perfect white tank and a little lace detail.

“I came across BLANQI leggings when I was pregnant and they became my saving grace.”


Baby Jude steals the show and BLANQI Highwaist Support Leggings stay no-show!

Baby Jude steals the show and BLANQI Highwaist Support Leggings stay no-show!

Her babe, Jude is cleary her best accessory (that smile, though!). He keeps her on the move and our highwaist support keeps her cool under pressure.

“I ended up with at least two or three pairs and wore them basically everyday during and after my pregnancy.”

Secure comfort from all angles. Steal her style before anyone else in our Annual Black Friday Pre-Access Sale!

Secure comfort from all angles. Never see-through and never out of style, our premium yarns make all the difference.



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#motherhoodismymuse // motherhood quotes to kick off your week with.

Sometimes we need a witty motherhood quote…or two…or twenty! The thing about mom life in the summer is that the routine is not the routine. Late night sunsets make for later than first-negotiated-kid-bedtimes.

We pair that with playdates, pool trips and holiday weekends mixed into busy work weeks (all moms are ‘working moms’ , so that includes all the WAHM, SAHM, WM, etc…allllll the acronyms.), makes for some exhausted mamas.

It’s that sweaty season of motherhood where dirty hair, leggings like these, and real life is happening. Where we cry because we are so tired of sassy toddler mouths, and then cry because we realize that our time mothering is flying by and we don’t want to miss a minute.  We cry because the house never seems to stay clean, and then cry because the weight of the world feels heavy on our shoulders as we raise these little people with sticky popsicle stained fingers. We cry because the baby won’t sleep, and then cry because our baby is no longer a baby.

But, sometimes we need a good cry- and a good laugh!

We rounded up some of our favorite motherhood-life-parenting quotes from our Instagram and Facebook  to share with you to help kick off your week! We are obsessed with every motivational, inspirational and relatable quote out there, because this is our life!! Here’s to cry-laughing today!

xx, Valerie & Sabina


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12 Ways to wear highwaist support leggings

Say hello to our coveted highwaist support leggings, here for your cool weather styling needs. Perfect from studio to play date, gym to dinner date.

We’ve all heard of nursing tanks, but make breastfeeding even easier on yourself with these must-haves. We designed them to smooth and conceal a postpartum belly, allowing you to comfortably wear your favorite bra and pre-pregnancy top, just lift up to nurse. Plus, feel skinnier with its fitted, but not too snug fit, and without a tight waistband giving you muffin top or aggravating c-section scars as you recover.

Check out how these lovely ladies style their BLANQI maternity leggings, proving that versatility is king 😉

Emily of The Freckled Fox:


“I get questions about items that will work weather you’re pregnant or not (probably since I’ve been pregnant four times in the last four years.haha ), and these leggings my friends are in the top items on all those lists.  These babies are great for every season, they work for just about any occasion, they’re extremely easy to style, and they’re comfortable enough that you’ll find yourself living in them all the time.haha I love to pair them with short dresses and heels for date nights, with baggy t-shirts for lounging around the house, with my knee boots and a cardigan for running errands, and with my favorite tank-top for working out! So so versatile.




Little Blonde Book:




Beautiful BLANQI girl Aubrey Kinch wears our ‘Motherhood Is My Muse’ longer length white tunic tee and Highwaist Maternity/Postpartum Support Leggings in Deepest Black “for the days when a topknot and baby watching is all that gets done, and that’s okay… Take it from a legging lover, these are built to perfection. I’m so sick of the styles that are too thin and are sheer if bending over but I also don’t want something heavy and bulky since I’m all about comfort and these are just right.”


Sydney of Zack & Sydney – “I wanna stock up on all of their soft pieces! You will not regret it! I absolutely love everything about this brand/company!”


Makelle Ahlin of The Native Love – “thank you so much @blanqigirls my postpartum belly loves you guys!”


Caroline of Sew Caroline – “leggings from @blanqigirls ( ah-mazing, gives great support for my c-section)…Will probably be my go to outfit for a while”12093669_900616189974650_1290860804_n10818074_1472913409682384_518197418_n


Babes + Beauty:  “These leggings completely change the game in my eyes. They have so many features that others do not and I basically want to live in them. The greatest feature of these leggings in my opinion is the hight waist support band. I am able to wear any shirt, and simply lift it up to breastfed littly Huxxy man. It eliminates the need to always have an undershirt to avoid showing your postpartum belly to the entire world while feeding. Its simply genius! Plus it slims everything and makes everything feel super held together which I love with no bulky seams! hallelujah!!


Jen Anderson of Little Wife Powerhouse – “Dressing after the bump: I’m wearing the best shape wear leggings from BLANQI that keeps my belly looking tighter! This shirt from Nordstrom I wore my whole pregnancy and now it’s loose + super comfy. Everybody’s bodies are so different and it’s all about finding what makes YOU feel good. Love all of you beautiful mamas!”


From the weekend to the weekday, Mrs Coco Wyse looks effortless chic postpartum wearing BLANQI high-waist support leggings. 10732025_354196428094407_283519699_n



An open letter of support

Unlike other companies, who focus on image and the eternal quest for the ultimate skinny, we focus on support – on supporting women when they need it the most.


Our goal from the very beginning has always been to create a community of support for women, no matter what stage of motherhood they are in – a place where you can come, where you feel accepted as you are – a place that appreciates you and all your beautiful “flaws”.  We don’t see these “flaws” as being something that needs to be corrected or “shaped” into something else – we seem them as being what makes each one of us unique, and is what we love about our BLANQI girls. Each one of us has struggled, and will continue to do so, and we share this openly – Motherhood can be very isolating at times, and we want you to know that you are not alone in your struggles.

We created our products with the highest performance technology, not because we think you need it for a hot date or because you’re a superstar athlete, but because we want to provide women with the utmost quality products and superior support so that you can tackle the everyday challenges that life faces you with, so that you don’t have to worry about the strain of the weight of your pregnant bump, the back pain you live with, or protecting your modesty while nursing.  We take care of that part so that you can focus on the more important things in life.  BLANQI is your support network, physically and emotionally – We are supportwear, not shapewear – we are not here to shape or mold you into something else, but to lend a hand when you need it the most.

xx Sabina & Valerie