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Size + Fit Guide With Postpartum Leggings for the Curvy Body After Baby

Hey all! I’m Aubrey, mama to three beautiful babies and Marketing Coordinator for BLANQI! I’m a size 14 when pregnant and size 12 postpartum. I’m forever on a journey learning to love and embrace my postpartum body but that’s exactly why I’m grateful for BLANQI Supportwear. Why? It’s made me feel comfortable, supported, and has made dressing postpartum a breeze.

The first days, weeks, and months of postpartum isn’t easy. We’re expected to bond with our babies, learn to breastfeed seamlessly, keep ourselves together, and maintain our relationships, homes and social life all while being sleep deprived. Learning to dress ourselves post baby shouldn’t be something leaving us crying in our closet with a husband wondering “what the heck is she crying about this time?!”… it should be simple and that’s where BLANQI comes in.

Let me share my true and feedback on sizing with BLANQI Highwaist Postpartum + Nursing Support Leggings


Sizing is based on your pre-pregnancy size. Because pre-pregnancy I’m a 12, I’ve always worn size L in these leggings. I started wearing BLANQI three years ago when I was pregnant with my first daughter and also wear a size Large in the Maternity leggings. While I stand at 5 feet tall, I still find the Large is the best size for me. They smooth and secure my postpartum tummy while offering the support and comfort needed in those early days of motherhood.


The leggings aren’t sheer in the slightest so when bending over and adjusting, I don’t have to worry about my bum showing through or flaws being apparent. I find so many leggings on the market aren’t opaque leaving me cautious when dressing, making sure I’m pairing them with tunics or dresses so I’m not bending down showing my goods to the world. I’m a firm believe that leggings are pants and I like to know if I have a tee on, my rear isn’t front and center for spectators.


These leggings fall just below the bra line, making nursing sessions modest and comfortable. I feel this is so important in those early days when you’re learning all about your baby latching and making breastfeeding work. It makes entertaining when people are in and out snuggling your baby and sending over meals much more smooth and stress free knowing you’re covered and not making anyone else uncomfortable if they aren’t familiar with a nursing mama.


The Postpartum + Nursing leggings offer a gentle compression without being restricting so I don’t feel suffocated or squeezed yet I’m smoothed and secure. No bulging tummy over here! I don’t desire the idea of shapewear and compressing every aspect of my body to fit a “mold”… that’s just not cute. The mission behind BLANQI being Supportwear and simply easing aches and pains, giving you support and comfortable while being a busy mama is key. Again, the Large size does this well with my size 12 frame.


Always size down if you’re unsure or in between sizes! Because the fabric is breathable, it offers stretch and give making sizing down the best option. They hold in every area I feel flaws are screaming while helping me feel put together with styling a simple outfit running errands with sneaks and a hoodie or with a tunic and booties for all the upcoming holidays.

Because it sometimes helps to see an actual size guide, see below! If you have specific questions I didn’t cover, I’m happy to answer them. Leave them in the comments and I’ll do my best to reply and update the post with all accurate information.


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