5 mocktails to cool off with this summer

You don’t need to be pregnant to reach for these irresistible creations!  Fresh and sparkly with a touch of exotic, these drinks quench thirst while satisfying your inner epicurean (or, let’s be honest, your unstoppable pregnancy cravings 😉  Not expecting?  Adding a splash of your favorite go-to will give it that little extra cocktail kick.  Happy sipping, and please share with us below your favorite go-to mocktails during pregnancy!

xx Sabina & Valerie

Tuscan Fresco – Recipe by Boka Kitchen & Bar executive chef Seis Kamimura

Image:  Food & Wine magazine



Image by Robert M. Peacock via Epicurius

Strawberry, lemon, and basil soda 


Image:  Bon Appetit

Lady lavender


Image: Food & Wine magazine

Watermelon sweet tea 


Image:  The Candid Appetite

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