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5 reasons for kids to wear cotton in the summer

I have a confession to make – I love, love, love cotton!¬†( I’m pretty sure it has something to do with growing up with a mother who shunned all but natural fibers – I can still hear her voice echoing down the hall, telling me to always wear cotton underwear ūüėČ ) ¬† As it turns out, mother knows best¬†– there are many great reasons for¬†kids to¬†wear¬†cotton, especially during the warm summer months!

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1.  Breathable РCotton allows better air circulation, which helps in absorbing and removing body moisture caused by sweat.  It breathes better than oil-based synthetic fibers like polyester, and keeps sweat and moisture out to minimize fungal breeding ( yep, fungal breeding!)

2.  Cool РCotton is light in weight and in color unless it is dyed. Being light-coloured will help the light to pass through instead of being absorbed and hence we will not feel the heat as much. If you wear loose clothes instead of tight fitting clothes, there will be ample of space for the air to pass through. ( The Human Touch of Chemistry )

3.  Tough РSummer is for climbing trees, building forts, rolling in the grass, and playing in the mud.  Cotton is as tough as your little one and will hold up against warm weather antics and super heavy washes.

4. ¬†Sensitive – Cotton is soft, doesn’t¬†trap moisture, and doesn’t irritate delicate skin like synthetic fibers.

5.  Odorless РCotton releases sweaty, stinky odors more easily than other fibers.

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It’s actually not that easy to find clothing made of 100% cotton, so I was super excited when I came across Marya’s store, Swallow’s Return. ¬†Beyond adorable designs for the little ones¬†and mom! ¬†I fell head over heels for this modern-yet-girly flutter sleeve dress. ¬†It satisfies both my modern aesthetic with the geometric print and Sienna’s princess aesthetic with the blush pink flutter sleeves and long length. ¬†She twirled around in excitement and lit up with joy like a little firefly!

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¬† If you haven’t already, do yourselves a favor and go, no run, over to Mayra’s store and get your hands on one of these cute creations, then sweat, rinse, and repeat ūüėČ


xx Sabina


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