BLANQI Girl Pregnancy Ways To Wear

BLANQI Girl // Sydney

Sydney of Zack & Sydney

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“I don’t think I have ever been in such a good mood this entire pregnancy until I put these clothes on. Clothes that fit your body right make a huge difference. I was so bored of maxi skirts and sweat pants that when I received the package from BLANQI I immediately put the clothes on.

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Zack even said “let’s do something for dinner tonight” and he was shocked when I agreed to going out to dinner. I have been so uncomfortable and annoyed with my wardrobe choice that getting cute and going out hasn’t seemed that fun nor easy. Tonight I wore my BLANQI maternity leggings out to dinner with some boots and a giant sweater and I felt so comfortable! I felt like I was wearing pajamas. I was in such a good mood. These leggings are miracle workers…who knew maternity leggings could be so comfy and breathable!!!”

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Be sure to stop by Sydney’s blog to check out her and beautiful family!


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