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“Blanqi helped me find my confidence” // adapting to the pregnant body

Lauren Hartmann is a wife, mama of 2, soon-to-be 3, stylist and blogger living in Portland, Oregon.  She is the author of the blog The Little Things We Doand frequently contributes to .  Although she’s been through two previous pregnancies, this one has shaken her confidence.  As she puts it, “things are certainly more squishy and stretched now, and while I know it comes with the territory, it’s still sometimes difficult adapting to a rapidly changing pregnant body.”  


Pretty much all I’ve wanted to wear this time around has been maternity jeans and super loose tops to hide rather than accentuate my growing belly. For some reason I just hadn’t felt very cute or comfortable in my own skin this time around.

Thankfully Blanqi saved the day with some of their new products that made me feel so cute that I finally let my friend document my growing belly this past weekend. It only took 23 weeks, but Blanqi helped me find my confidence.

I actually wore Blanqi toward the end of my last pregnancy as well (the maternity underbust support tank) and really loved it (the support is seriously INSANE – so good!), but wanted to try something different this time and went with their belly support tanktop and belly support leggings. Can you tell I like my belly to be well supported? Ha! I love the support that both give individually, but wearing both the leggings and the tank together is like magic for a tired belly. I wore this after a full two days on my feet – shopping for props and then styling for a photo shoot. My belly and back were so sore and aching and I was about to fly home which means lots of walking around airports. This pants/tank combo seriously saved me! Also I fully intend to wear Blanqi leggings forever now (they have non-maternity high waist ones too!) because they are so soft and comfy and FLATTERING. Praise Jesus! The material and the perfectly placed seams smooth out all those little lumps and bumps and lift everything just the right amount.



I’m also rocking a t-shirt from their new graphic tee line and I am in love with it. I love the empowering phrase “MOTHERHOOD IS MY MUSE” because this is what motherhood truly means to me.

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