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Thanksgiving sweets – pumpkin recipe roundup + useful facts

Fan of the orange puree or not, these delectable pumpkin recipes are sure to get your tastebuds watering.  Whether you’re an after-dinner-dessert or dessert-for-breakfast kind of person, we’ve found something to fit the bill.  Check out the amazing recipes by these cool girls, and if you try them out, let us know!  And be sure… Continue reading

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Dos and don’ts of pregnancy nutrition
What you need to know

Congratulations, you’re pregnant, and you’re providing nutrients for someone else!  Kind of changes your perspective on food, right?  There are a million pieces of advice out there on what you can and cannot eat, and it can definitely be overwhelming!  So, to get some clarity on what you need to know about pregnancy nutrition,  we… Continue reading


5 mocktails to cool off with this summer

You don’t need to be pregnant to reach for these irresistible creations!  Fresh and sparkly with a touch of exotic, these drinks quench thirst while satisfying your inner epicurean (or, let’s be honest, your unstoppable pregnancy cravings 😉  Not expecting?  Adding a splash of your favorite go-to will give it that little extra cocktail kick.  Happy sipping,… Continue reading