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Favorite Find // Moorea Seal

We recently took a trip to Seattle, and I can’t tell you how excited I was to finally have the chance to explore this city to where I secretly wish to one day live!  We’ve been to this gorgeous city several times, but have never had the time to discover anything other than hotels and conference rooms, so it was beyond a treat to get to spend a few extra days there as a tourist (I will dedicate another post to the amazing eats – the options are endless!).  My stepson Andrew, who lives there and has a knack for finding cool haunts and the-latest-and-greatest, introduced me to my new obsession:  Moorea Seal.  I would pretty much like to own every single piece in the store – in fact, I want my house to look like the store!  Seriously everything from adorable and unique stationary, housewares, and matches to gorgeous jewelry and delicate scarves.  I invested in a few pairs of sunnies and a little something special for my husband, but had my eyes on this amazing Fortress Ring that I will be getting online (yes!  you can shop online!  Go check it out – you will fall in love!

xx Sabina


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