I’m Pregnant, Not Furry // Real Stories of Belly Petting While Pregnant!

” I was checking out at Costco and someone came up to me and immediately starting rubbing my stomach ohh-ing and ahh-ing over how pregnant I was. They made a remark about how my twins would be here any day… I was pregnant with ONE baby and still had many weeks to go. “⠀

Let’s just say this is one of those things you just don’t say to a pregnant woman, you know?! If you’ve been pregnant and experienced this, you know just how often people tend to feel entitled with rubbing your belly, making remarks about your weight, talking about how you must do this one thing or never, ever do this other thing, like pacifiers and co-sleeping. Sometimes, all you want to say is to mind their own business, if we’re being honest! Majority of the time, you have to laugh it off but we heard some pretty hilarious stories about the dreaded belly rub…


“A lady I work with started rubbing my tummy (without permission) and commented “oh your belly is so small! I hope the baby survives in there!” ”


“I had this random lady rub my belly in the Atlanta airport (I’m from metro-Detroit). So I rubbed her boob back. ‍♀ #donttouchmychild


“At thanksgiving dinner someone stood behind me and was kind of rubbing/pressing on my hips. I turned around getting ready to ask my husband what the hell he was doing, to find his grandmother. She said she was “just checking.” In later months she would touch my belly and tell me there was definitely 2 in there or they got my due date wrong.”


“I think I actually hate it even more when a friend or family member knows your pregnant but your only like 10-15 weeks along and they start touching your “baby bump” tummy that really is just belly fat from previous pregnancies… I’d rather be big pregnant and have them actually rubbing where the baby is than feeling up my belly fat…. freaking hate that so much.”

The nerve some people have! Am I right? Do you have a story like this too? Do tell! Let us know in the comments because we all need a good laugh once in a while.

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  1. One of my MALE co-workers decided to creep up on me, ask me how I was doing and begins to rub my large tummy. If I hadn’t been on the sales floor and on the clock I would have slapped him.

  2. I was getting ready for my wedding shower (also gender reveal) at a lions club hall. One of the older ladies saw my bump and wordlessly starts caressing my belly. She gets 3 inches from my face and tells me she ‘knows’ I’m having a boy. I reply, as politely as I can, “How do you know?” That was the wrong thing to ask in hindsight because she sidesteps my belly and grabs a handful of my ass and starts rubbing it. “I can tell by the way your backside looks! I’m was a nurse.” I felt so violated. She was right though….he is a boy.

  3. One nightmare woman wouldn’t leave me alone while I was pregnant with my daughter! She would see me walking out of work and place her face on my belly trying to kiss “her” baby. Really creeped me out

  4. Im 32 weeks pregnant and my dad grabs my stomach and looks at my husband and says “couldnt you have produced a bigger baby”. Then turned to me and proceeded to tell me to fertilize the baby.

  5. Having your random family members rub you belly going “you’re so small, you’re hardly pregnant.” Gee, thanks, like I wasn’t already worried about how small I am with my already tiny frame.

  6. I due any day now. This is my first child and from behind you can’t even tell I’m pregnant. I’m not a touchy-feely person except with me SO. His mom is super weird and crazy and has been trying to touch/kiss/talk to my belly and every time I ask her to stop and I back away. I won’t even let my own parents touch/kiss/talk to my belly. I also had a guy tell me there is something wrong with my baby because of how small I’m carrying right after I got out of a doctors appointment(I had about a month left at the time). People have no courtesy for others.

  7. I’m 19 weeks pregnant with my first baby, and at work a couple weeks ago a female coworker said “I can’t believe you’re already showing…you’re gonna get so huge!” Gee, thanks. Then this past week when I got to work after my OB appointment, I walked in and most people asked how it went, if everything was good, etc, except for the same woman as before. She just screamed “how much weight have you gained?!!” Like damn woman, what is your obsession with my size?!

  8. I’m currently 5 months and due in February. People see me and say “Oh you’re about ready to pop” and I tell them “No not until February.” Then they yell “Oh my God! What are you having?! Twins?!” I’m ain’t that dang big lol!

  9. I’m plus size (size 22 – 24 prior to pregnancy) and currently 15 weeks, almost 16 weeks pregnant with my first child and my Dr. says both baby and I are healthy as can be so far which is great. In my early pregnancy (4 – 7 weeks or so) when I wasn’t showing yet, a women who works at a gas station near my home started rubbing my belly as if I were a cute puppy in a pet store or something and said to me “…you must be carrying more than 1 in there, you have to be…” even after I just told her how far long I am. I just stood there shocked and speechless with anger raging in me. Who does such a thing? Although, she isn’t the only one who’s done that to me, she was the first and made me feel horrible. That I sadly won’t forget. It does help having the positive people in my life reassure me that I’m creating a beautiful life and that any negative comments don’t matter. Thank you to those people. ❤