Kids and nursery decor inspiration

I love internet “window shopping”, especially for the little ones.  I’ve been obsessing with interior design as of late, and wanted to share some of my all-time favorites ( I lean slightly toward the animal themes, ha! )  My whole life is pretty monochromatic, except for when it comes to my kids Kai and Sienna, whose rooms are bright and cheery, filled with color.  Having said that, there’s a part of me itching to do a neutral overhaul, incorporating soft and natural wood pieces mixed with sharp black and white contrast.


1 – DEAR BABY DUVET – Adorable baby duvet – who wouldn’t want to fall asleep to this sweet face?  By super cool Danish brand By Nord

2 – POLAR BEAR POSTER  – Be sure to check out the very talented designer and illustrator Anna Grape’s other beautiful prints as well.  Love!

3 – MONO CAT – “Mono Cat loves mint humbugs, and likes crossing Zebra Crossings.”  Originally from Scotland, designer Donna Wilson now has a studio in London where she creates her treasures.  Other than receiving my praises ;), she also won Designer of the Year’ at Elle Decoration’s British Design Awards in 2010.  She makes a variety of beautiful pieces for women, kids, and the home, and is one not to be missed!

4 – BUNNY CHAIR – Project by Kateřina Zemánková – hopefully a reality in the future!

ROCKID – Rocking chair by Dutch designers Tineke Beunders and Nathan Wierink, the pair behind Ontwerpduo.  They write:  “Rockid is a cradle for the baby, for Mom or Dad it’s a rocking chair. Together and at the same time each with their own space. As the parent rocks, so does the child, effortlessly and with all comforts. While one sleeps, the other can dream. Thus, Rockid creates a contemporary way to foster a bond as old as humanity.”  Perhaps one of the smartest creations I’ve seen!!

I will keep you posted on the overhaul! 😉  xx Sabina

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