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Pregnant during the summer // my maternity style


There is something about being pregnant in the summer that evokes sympathy from total strangers. This time last year I was pregnant with our 4th baby, Lillian Giselle, due August 15th. Many people would say, “Oh, you must be so hot!” and, “How are you surviving being so huge in this heat?” When pregnant with our first three babes, I had avoided being the hugest while it was the hottest. But this time, I was pregnant during the summer, having an August baby, and I had to figure out a summer maternity style. There comes a point when the heat wins.

That is when I let my BLANQI Belly Support Tanktop go it alone.

Slipped on over my favorite bra and non-maternity skirts or shorts, I felt fresh and sleek. The cooling effect of BLANQI’s moisture-wicking finish works wonders. In the early weeks, I would wear the skirt waistband above my small bump. As weeks went by, I would wear the skirt waistband underneath it. I like to look pregnant, so I love that BLANQI defined my bump and gave me a flattering silhouette. Because the tanktop is opaque, there was no need to cover it up or layer over it. It really could go it alone.

I prefer to wear non-maternity styles I already own in my closet, so the support tanktop worked really well. I could keep wearing my pre-pregnancy skinny jeans and favorite ripped denim shorts with the BLANQI Belly Support Tanktop. The bottom band is designed to secure unbuttoned like a bellyband. It just made things easier to not have to worry about what to wear everyday as my belly grew.


Here I am with my husband and kids, less than 2 weeks before Lily arrived. Clearly I had entered the “very pregnant” stage! I still can’t believe this was a year ago this week and my belly was that big! I was squeezing myself into maxi dresses since they were just about the only thing that still fit. With lower summer necklines, I needed a support tank that wasn’t visible.

That’s when I opted for the Underbust Belly Support Tank.

I preferred to wear this style in nude underneath my dresses like a slip. The underbust style stayed hidden under my v-neck and scooped summer necklines. Even my most clingy and stretchy maxi dresses flowed freely. My Underbust Belly Support Tank smoothed everything out, including my popped bellybutton, and stayed in place when chasing after my three little beach babes.

Having a summer baby ended up being easier than expected. I drank a lot of water, put my feet up as often as I could, and wore my BLANQI’s day- and night!

xx, Valerie



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