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Motherhood Is My Muse // BLANQI Girls + Friends Giveaway

Sabina and I are so excited to share this Motherhood Is My Muse Giveaway with you that features some our favorite brand friends of BLANQI. A true friend is someone who makes your life better, and these brands are just that. Motherhood is equally amazing and exhausting, and we need all the support we can get at times! I couldn’t get through some days without the support of my best friend Sabina- and the same could be said for these products in this giveaway!!

Lily is my little side-kick. She would be permanently attached to my hip if I caved in, so the DockaTot has been a lifesaver. She snuggles right up and it’s easy to nurse her to sleep in it. It’s great for traveling (I clip the end of it on the back of our carryon luggage), so she can nap really wherever, whenever.

A certain brand of diapers- that will remain nameless- was picked up by my husband on that weekly trip to the store after realizing at say, 10pm that we had just used the last diaper. (You would think after 4 kids we would have that diaper inventory thing down, but it never fails that we run out at the worst timing.) After using this nameless brand of diapers, I discovered Lily had all these little gel crystals on her bum. Mom panic kicked in. I started researching every diaper company available and discovered Parasol Co.

They are thinner, softer and SAFE diapers. The fashion stylist in me loves the commissioned designs peaking out from under Lily’s dresses (no need for a diaper cover to cover-up the licensed characters) and I like supporting a brand that is run by a busy mom of three. AND this is the no-brainer….they deliver. I can order them online easier than a pizza. You pick out your delivery frequency, choose the size and a pattern…and presto.. diapers arrive at your front door, no midnight hubby run required.

At BLANQI we are all about support. Our line of high-tech style and built-in support styles were designed with real life and real bodies in mind- for before pregnancy, during and forever after. We were inspired by motherhood and how it has influenced our own life, that we designed our Motherhood Is My Muse tunic tee to spread that support with all mothers living that life with us.

I wear it all the time with skinny jeans and our Postpartum + Nursing Highwaist Support Leggings, especially when I know I’m going to have to breastfeed Lily, because it’s loose enough to pull up and nurse easy out in public. But, when I want to elevate my mom style to comfortable and chic, I am obsessed with the tee and tulle skirt look. My 3yo Violette think it’s fun to see me look “fancy”, which is something I want them to have as a memory of their mother as well- that mom doesn’t always have a messy top knot and sneakers on, haha. This peach skirt is from Garderobe, all handmade and so fancyyyy!!!


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