BLANQI Girl From Bump to Baby Postpartum Ways To Wear

Motherhood – the fourth trimester

Before children, it was easy to look at the mamas who made motherhood look effortlessly stylish and think, “I’m totally going to be ‘that’ kind of mom”. Then, real life happened. Work emails pile up, kid activities have us dashing out the door, the baby has colic, dry clean only outfits get demoted to special occasions only, there are meals to be made, and then more meals (do kid’s ever stop eating?!), and that 4th trimester post-partum body- that nobody, not even your closest girlfriends, seem to talk about- suddenly makeas your old stylish self feel like a life lived a lifetime ago.

Ina Odak of RoseTaupe 

@inarosetaupe & @rosetaupe_baby

New mom Ina Odak of RoseTaupe styles a look that is as practical as it is fashionable.

– Ina wears the BLANQI Highwaist maternity/postpartum leggings

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A large scarf can double as a breastfeeding cover and large, oversized bags can fit those spare diaper and wipes, without feeling frumpy.

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 Black, grey and white always looks good together- perfect for concealing post-baby bumps.

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BLANQI HighWaist leggings keep you supported and stylish during those long 9 month- then keep them in rotation by wearing them after baby with the high-waist design that covers and conceals a postpartum belly.

Boots – Spurr Shoes Sabrina zip ankle boots

Jacket – Cabin and Cove The Fuse leather jacket

Bag – St. Agni

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