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Resting bitch face – it’s real


As long as we’ve been doing BLANQI, Valerie’s always given me a hard time about my RBF – resting bitch face.  We can’t film any videos without me looking like I want to murder someone when I’m not speaking – I can’t help it – it’s my thinking face!  In college people would tell me they were afraid to walk up to me because I looked so mean (I’m not at all! :):))  These days, however, my RBF isn’t necessarily due to deep thoughts – these days I think there’s another force behind it, causing my face to contort and wrinkle up… it’s exhaustion casued by motherhood and life.  I’m in no way saying that kids are mean little things creating permanent wrinkles on my forehead and greying my hair – I’m saying that parenthood is, well, the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  Combine that with life in general, and you’ve got a recipe for some serious RBF.  Early mornings, nagging at breakfast, hurrying out the door, hurrying to work, hurrying to carpool, separating fights in the car, nagging about homework, nagging about cleaning up, nagging about eating food, nagging about bathing, nagging about brushing teeth, nagging about finishing up the reading, nagging about not talking and going to bed, and late-night work.  And…then it starts all over again.  I’m of course leaving out all the wonderful, beautiful moments in-between the nagging, because those are not what cause the RBF.  Nor are the kids!  It’s the exhaustion.  Exhaustion from running around like a mad-woman all day.  Exhaustion from having to nag when that’s the last thing you want to have to do.  Exhaustion from work, from laundry, from cooking, from cleaning, from all of it.  So yes, it’s real, and yes, I have it.  And no, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I would rather have RBF every second of my life and have my beautiful children than to have a well-rested, glowing and happy face 😉

By the way – and this was a total coincidence! – CNN happened to publish a story on RBF the same day we posted our quote on Instagram.  Turns out, there’s actual science behind RBF:  “Good news, everyone! You can now wear your mildly discontented face with some validation.  The phenomenon known as “resting bitch face” is real, according to scientists. Better yet, there’s research available that could explain why some people are “throwing shade.”  Read the whole article on CNN

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xx Sabina

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