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Motherhood Mentors // Tips to balance work + family life from Stephanie of Wash With Water

These days my life is wake up, kiddos, BLANQI, BLANQI, BLANQI, tackle the mound of laundry, chauffeur to soccer/lacrosse/ballet, dinner, rinse and repeat. I feel sometimes like the days are zooming by and there aren’t enough hours in the day for me to finish everything I want to do- both personally and professionally. One thing that has kept me grounded is connecting with like-minded women who are facing the same challenges everyday as well.


Meet Stephanie, she is one of those gals. (image above) She is a wife, mama to 3 and the founder of the successful Wash with Water brand of dreamy organic soaps and lotions. We were first introduced through Instagram and I was instantly like, let’s be friends. Not only do we both have daughters named Violet, (I spell my daughter’s like Violette, but it’s practically the same), but we even delivered babies on the exact same day 7 months ago!!! So when I was putting together our BLANQI Baby Bundle with another amazing mama friend, Amy from June and January, and we knew that it had to include WWW, it is that good.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 9.38.04 AM

Baby Vonn wearing the June & January x BLANQI collaboration beanie, onesie & blanket, so darling.

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Our BLANQI ‘Be Brave’ v-neck turned into perfect princess pajama shirt.


Recently during one of our late-night texting sessions, while we are both exhaling from a long day and nursing our little babes, I asked her the question that I get all the time, “How do you do it?” I wanted to know what she does to balance her business and motherhood. (Insert whatever ‘work’ you do all day if not an entrepreneur, because every mom is a ‘working mom’) She has this great quote on her website that says “…because we believe bath time is not just another task to check off- it’s family time in your hands!” GAHHH… that really hit my heart hard, because how often do I rush through the tasks of motherhood without really putting motherly love into even the smallest moment?! That is where I can ‘make up’ the moments lost through a busy day of work, kids, cleaning, etc. I get there is no magic formula, but it helps to hear that we are all sharing in the same struggles and suggestions from other mamas in the ‘trenches’ that can help make it easier!


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Stephanie living what she preaches with her little ones.

Stephanie, founder of Wash With Water, 4 tips on how to balance work and family life,

TAKE 30 // When you are pouring every espresso-fueled minute of your day into the business, it is easy to forget that the beautiful force behind this creative energy (YOU) needs attention too. Block 30 minutes every day to re-charge, meet for coffee with friends (no business talk allowed), work out, take a nice long bubble bath. Your business (and family) will thank you!

IDENTITY THEFT // It is perfectly understandable after investing your heart, soul, and probably personal finances into this labor of love that you have now wrapped up your identity into the company. And on the days when sales are through the roof, customers are singing your praise, and you are on top of the small business universe…then sure why not? Well simply put because the pendulum will swing the other way once in a while! Your self-esteem cannot afford to ride the roller coaster of small business ups and downs. Protect yourself from the trap of blurring the lines between you and your business by staying connected to people, hobbies and interests outside of work. Remember, being a successful entrepeneur will take everything you’ve got….just not your identity.

LAW OF ATTRACTION // Keep a small journal and action board of your goals for the business- never stop doodling or making daily notes for yourself. These accomplishments may not happen overnight (and certainly not without a LOT of hard work) but start to put the ideas out into the universe. The small business world thrives on the law of attraction- if you dream it, believe it, work for it, you will receive it!

FINISH LINE // It can either be comforting or a bit intimidating to think that there really is no end to this small business journey of yours. Remember, you are not in a race to compete with other companies to a finish line…there isn’t one and this is your personal journey. So take the time to lift others along the way, reach out and ask for help, and most importantly, celebrate the milestone successes for you and your fellow makers. This indie journey is a whole lot more enjoyable if you are sharing it with a community of like-minded movers and shakers.


xx, Valerie


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