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Lessons learned from 3 failed attempts –
what you really need to pack in your Hospital bag for delivery

There are tons of ‘what to pack in your hospital bag’ checklists, so what makes mine any different from all the other posts from veteran moms? It comes down to “I’m pregnant with my 4th baby and I’ve never packed my bag right”, for real.  Based on my previous mistakes, I can now narrow it down to what you really need to pack in your hospital bag for delivery.


With baby #1, Jude, I thought I had nailed it. I was packed at the perfect 36 week mark. I had purchased some nursing tanks and cheap cotton underwear. But in hindsight, I had packed like I was going on a vacation for a week to an unknown destination. Like who needs 4 pairs of jeans for a 48 hours hospital stay? I really was under the delusion that I was going to fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans just 6 hours post-delivery. Although considering I walked into Labor and Delivery at 6cm dilated wearing kitten heals to give birth, it’s a blessing I had tucked in some sneakers last minute.

With Nico my baby #2, lets sum it up by stating that the day I delivered was the very weekend Will and I were going to put together the crib. When labor started at 35 weeks, I was not prepared. There was no crib, no carseat to hold a preemie, no diapers, no birth plan, and especially no hospital bag. My husband came back to the house later that night to grab some clothing, do some laundry and clean up the house. So needless to say, he graciously grabbed what was familiar and accessible, so thongs it was.


With baby #3, Violette, I was determined to get my act together. How can the girl who loves a list and pre-planning be bombing out with what seems like the simplest task of having a baby? I packed that bag by 32 weeks with all the mini-travel Aveda products I owned, yoga pants, lots of socks, a robe, comfy nursing tees, and treats for the boys when they met their new sibling. So where did I go wrong? I was still forgetting the basic mom hacks that solve major delivery issues new moms face at 6-48 hours postpartum.

So then here comes baby #3, which has been one complication after another, so I should have gotten my act together by now and packed that bag, but my denial that this pregnancy is as far along as it is has been blinding, but we will leave that for another blog post.


Since I have zero experience on packing the ‘perfect’ hospital bag, the only advice I am going to give is on what I’m packing right now, today, not a minute later, to restore my my previous failed packing methods. Here is my hospital bag checklist for this 4th time around!

  1. This may take some humility to accept, especially for 1st time moms, but adult diapers. The mesh underwear they give you to wear is itchy and uncomfortable, and I always experienced leakage. Adult diapers are thin, disposable and full coverage. Enough said.
  2. This will be my 4th baby I’ve nursed and it never ceases to amaze me how sore my chest gets that first day. Like really crazy sore. While the hospital passes out free nipple cream, I’ve come to rely on this Natural Nipple butter by Earth Mama Angel Baby
  3. While I’m comfortable stripping down to nothing in the moment, my feet get freezing. I prefer a fresh pedicure and some soft socks like these 
  4. BLANQI High-waist support leggings for medium compression on my belly – nothing too restrictive, but enough to gently hold me in after delivery.  They are amazing!
  5. Maybelline The Falsies waterproof mascara.  My secret weapon for pretty pictures with tears 😉  Make sure to include makeup remover and face wash.
  6. Wash with Water’s Barenaked Babydoll shampoo & body wash for baby’s first bath.  Certified organic and unscented it’s specifically formulated for infants and contains no added scents, colors, SLS or other synthetic detergents or extra ingredients.  Just ask the nurses – they will have no problem switching out their regular soap for yours.
  7. Bathrobe.  With summer babies I prefer a short cotton one (make sure it’s a dark color – there is bound to be some leakage!).  Easy to wear getting in and out of bed, makes breastfeeding easy, and is perfect for quickly covering up as everyone comes in and out of your room.  Loving this one – DKNY ‘Urban Essentials’ Robe found on

Leave a comment below and share with us your “must-pack-for-delivery” items!

xx Valerie

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